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At the 2016 IT Summit, we invited top experts to share their perspectives on emerging technologies and trends. In this blog series, #AVTechTalks, you will hear first hand from them on a wide range of  topics ranging from blockchain technology to cognitive computing, cybersecurity and identity management. Stay tuned!


Thomas Deillon , Portfolio Director, SITA

Aviation's capacity crunch

Will data or collaboration solve it?

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Ian Ryder , Vice President New Business Concepts

Hackathons - a self perpetuating circle of innovation

The industry is busy creating APIs", says Ian Ryder, Vice President New Business Concepts at the recent IATA Hosted NDC Hackathon in Dubai, "but we do not always know what people are going to do with them, that is until you bring together the right group of people who create and trigger new ideas".

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Pierre-Louis Biaggi , VP of Orange Business Services Connectivity Business Unit

Software defined networks – Network of the future

Companies are now having to balance bandwidth applications and cost-control, while maintaining high performance. Pierre-Louis Biaggi, VP of Orange Business Services Connectivity Business Unit, explains why he believes soft-ware defined networks could be the solution.

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Jérôme Poulain , International VP of Orange Business Services

Smart airports - Leveraging IoT

From people becoming hyperconnected to an ever-growing network of sensor technology worldwide, to the evolution of 5G and improved cloud services, Jérôme Poulain, International VP of Orange Business Services, discusses how the IoT experience of ‘Smart Cities’ can be leveraged to positively impact airports and passengers in the near future.

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Dr. Jens Schiefele , Director of Digital Aviation Research for Boeing/Jeppesen

Better analytics and reduced costs for digital airlines

From reduced fuel costs, to the analysis and sharing of key flight data, Dr. Jens Schiefele, Director of Digital Aviation Research for Boeing/Jeppesen, explains how connectivity is a key enabler to the success of the digital airline. Also learn how the market for the connected aircraft is expected to develop over the next few years.

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Dominic Nessi , Former CIO of Los Angeles World Airports

Addressing the growing cyber threat

Cyber threats, capable of attacking any connected device, arise everyday and certain regions are more prepared than others to tackle these threats. With passenger numbers increasing, Dominic Nessi, former CIO of Los Angeles World Airports, discusses the need for a common, 10-step approach for worldwide cybersecurity within our industry.

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Sebastien Fabre , VP Integrated Networks Business Line for SITA

IoT - hurdles and future benefits

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality, but with major costs and security concerns implied in the ATI, there are still some hurdles to overcome. Sebastien Fabre, VP Integrated Networks Business Line for SITA, discusses the need for standardization and collaboration within the industry, and the future benefits of the IoT.

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Maurice Jenkins , Director, Information Systems, Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami’s App - easing the stress, exceeding expectations

From way-finding services, to important travel updates, Maurice Jenkins, Director of Information Systems for Miami International Airport, discusses the MIA Airport App that’s exceeding expectations. He also comments on the future of mobile apps in the aviation industry.

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Gregory Ouillon , Chief Technology Officer, SITAONAIR

Flying data centers

From predictive analytics on the aircraft itself, to real-time information being pushed to the pilot and crew in-flight, SITAONAIR’s CTO, Gregory Ouillon, outlines the plethora of functionalities in today’s connected aircraft that provide passengers with a better travel experience.

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Jim Peters , SITA’s CTO

IoT – the ever connecting world around us

From “smart homes” to your running shoes pushing data to your mobile, the hyper connected world is fast becoming a reality. SITA’s CTO, Jim Peters, takes a look at the IoT - potential barriers in the industry and the impact it will have on how we collaborate.

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