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Jonathan Weinberg , Freelance Journalist

10 ways APIs can revolutionize aviation post-Coronavirus

What do you think? We'd like to hear your views on the future role of APIs.

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Airlines & Airports / VP SITA Platform

Choosing the right platform is critical to tomorrow's seamless passenger experience

As the air transport industry plans for the next digital decade, how can we create a shared but secure ecosystem of information that can unite processes and operations?

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Mohamed Amin , Head of Data & APIs, SITA

APIs are the future of aviation data sharing

Today there are 10 APIs available, generating millions of transactions a year and spawning numerous solutions across the industry.

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Peter Drummond , Portfolio Director Baggage, SITA

The route to end-to-end baggage tracking

Even though technology has drastically reduced mishandling, the reasons for it remain the same. Bag tracking promises a better future.

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Kevin O'Sullivan , Lead Engineer, SITA Lab

Digital twins, the airport operations control interface of the future

Will this technology used by Formula 1 teams revolutionize airport operations?

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Christelle Laverriere , Research Expert, Market Insight, SITA

Mobile technology: the answer to better baggage handling

This is a crucial focus for the air transport industry as passenger numbers grow.

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Catherine Mayer , Vice President, SITA

B2 Everything and Everybody

Another year, another Passenger Terminal Expo! It was an exhausting yet exhilarating three days. Our industry is embracing this digital world and my take away from the event is that airports will soon be B2 Everything and Everybody! It is an exciting time and makes me wonder where we will be in another year's time.

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Fraser McGibbon , Product Manager, Disruption Management, SITA

Predicting OTP: Are we there yet?

Flight disruption results in significant costs to the air transport industry. Airlines alone spend in excess of USD$25 billion per year as a result of poor on-time performance. Can we bring more certainty to flight times through AI?

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