Arnaud Brolly , Portfolio Manager - Airline Operations, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Blockchain & IoT: a dream team

The potent combination of these two technologies is triggering exciting new applications that will build trust, reduce costs, improve transparency and provide critical security.

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Matthys Serfontein , President, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Insights into our future

Technology promises to solve many of the pressing issues faced by the industry and airlines and airports are investing across the board to harness it. But which technologies will really work?

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Sébastien Fabre , Vice President, Solutions at Airport, SITA

A balancing act - security and the seamless journey

How do we deal with the need for more thorough security checks which seem to oppose moving passengers effortlessly through their journey?

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Gustavo Pina , Director, SITA Lab

Congratulations - it's Digital Twins!

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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Steven McReynolds , Senior Expert Service Improvement, SITA Global Services

Why you must scrutinize IT service management standards

Does your service provider have a complete set of IT Service Management processes and procedures certified by an International Standard Organization (ISO)?

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Products & Solutions, Head of SITA Platform

5G Connecting now - connecting fast

With this availability of high-speed secured bandwidth, airlines and airports will be able to develop new solutions, for both passengers and operations, ones that just weren’t possible before.

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Stephane Gomez , CyberSecurity Lead - Consulting and SOC Practice, SITA

How can airports manage cybersecurity on a constrained IT budget?

This is often the first component security executives look at when building up their capabilities. It takes charge of managing detected incidents for all information systems.

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Rohit Talwar , CEO, Fast Future

Learning will fuel the next future of aviation

I got a fascinating peek into where the industry stands in its pursuit of an enhanced passenger experience and increased efficiency. For me, the message is clear, learning is the most important enabler of progress in a faster, more digital environment.

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Peter Drummond , Portfolio Director Baggage, SITA

The journey to baggage handling utopia

For well over a decade baggage mishandling figures have been falling – but with passenger numbers on the increase they’re now flat-lining, which means IATA Resolution 753 has come just at the right time.

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Sherry Stein , Senior Manager of Projects & Innovation, SITA Lab

Don’t hold back! Conduct a trial, build a business case

We operate in a risk-averse industry with high regulatory constraints and limited budget for innovation. How does an airline, airport or government agency choose a direction or get started?

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