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Julie Bouvier , Product Manager, SITA Air Travel Solutions

Working through the pandemic

SITA is adapting to support customers through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how Julie delivered a major airport implementation while working from home.

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Airlines & Airports / VP SITA Platform

Choosing the right platform is critical to tomorrow's seamless passenger experience

As the air transport industry plans for the next digital decade, how can we create a shared but secure ecosystem of information that can unite processes and operations?

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Aditya Raina , Digital Transformation Lead, SITA Asia Pacific

The 4 pillars of digital transformation in air transport

Does your digital transformation initiative have these 4 recommended pillars to help define its boundaries for maximum value?

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Sherry Stein , Head of Technology Strategy, SITA Americas

A traveler-centric approach to new tech in the 'next digital decade'

Are we looking for use cases where exciting new technology will fit, or developing solutions that will meet the needs of the traveler?

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Benoit Verbaere , Business Development Director, SITA Europe

Airports of the future: 10 predictions for the next decade

Digitally native passengers and staff will usher in transformative technologies at an exponentially accelerated pace.

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Peter Drummond , Portfolio Director Baggage, SITA

A big case for bag drop and bag tracking

Learn why investment in this area is seen as vital to making operations more efficient and improving passenger satisfaction.

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Director, Global Government & Industry Relations, SITA

It's imperative we understand biometrics in air travel

Do you understand configuring biometric solutions for different thresholds to match different needs, demands and risks?

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May Zhou , Sales VP of East Asia, SITA

China's air transport industry ramps up IT to tackle growth

Which technologies will lead the way in providing hyper-personalized service while meeting customer expectations?

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Ian Ryder , Vice President, Business Transformation, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Aviation is highly engaged with emerging technologies

Priorities may differ slightly between them, but it’s clear that both airlines and airports are focused on streamlining the journey for passengers.

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Christelle Laverriere , Research Expert, Market Insight, SITA

Aviation IT investment prioritizes the passenger journey

The SITA Air Transport IT Insights report reveals a sharp focus on new technologies to accelerate processes, reduce queues and keep passengers better informed.

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