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Better analytics and reduced costs for digital airlines

Published on  08 December by Dr. Jens Schiefele , Director of Digital Aviation Research for Boeing/Jeppesen
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From reduced fuel costs, to the analysis and sharing of key flight data, Dr. Jens Schiefele, Director of Digital Aviation Research for Boeing/Jeppesen, explains how connectivity is a key enabler to the success of the digital airline, as part of our #AVTechTalks series. Also learn how the market for the connected aircraft is expected to develop over the next few years.

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  • Published on 08 December 2016 01:07 PM by Felix Obes
    With Big Data Analytics and a good BI platform airlines can really get to the next step of business maturity and go personal. It´s amazing how much info airlines and airports can harvest and use to maximize profitability.
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