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Being a responsible business makes us a better business

Published on  25 July by Amber Harrison , Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, SITA
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June was an exciting month for SITA, as we released our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report at our Annual General Assembly in Brussels.

Called 'Being a responsible business makes us a better business', the report has been developed around the three core strands of our CSR strategy:

  • Integrating CSR into our business practices
  • Managing our environmental impact
  • Bringing value to our communities

While we've been including CSR content in our Annual Report for a few years, this was a different experience. With no limit on the number of pages, we found that the final document ended up being longer than expected, thanks to the work that SITA has been doing not only in 2012 but for years beforehand, particularly in the area of community support.

The whole concept of community is at the heart of SITA - it's why we were founded back in 1949 as a co-operative, and the same spirit remains strong today. In the context of CSR, it translates into our people taking time to support their local communities, and we're proud to share some of the results of activities that have taken place around fundraising and volunteering over the years in the report.

But CSR isn't just about volunteering ... We wanted to make sure that the commitment SITA made when our CEO, Francesco Violante, signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) last year really became embedded into our business. So we looked to our policies and processes to see what needed to be changed, and this work continues as part of our ongoing program.

We also made the decision to use the recognized Global Reporting Initiative framework for our first report - and were pleased to achieve our level C certificate.

Our global reach is evident in the report, with our people located in 136 different countries, speaking 70+ languages and representing over 140 nationalities. That does present a few challenges around data gathering for measuring our environmental impact, but we have been able to track a growing number of locations since 2010 and now we can report on 65% of our operational emissions for staff based in offices.

CSR reporting will continue to become increasingly important, and for us as a business it's a great way to share publicly some of the things we're doing to make sure we are a responsible business. And with all good CSR Reports, we encourage feedback - so if you'd like to share your comments, drop a line to

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