Renaud Irminger

Renaud Irminger was Director of SITA Lab, the company’s strategic research and development arm, until June 2017. He was responsible for overseeing projects and programs that explore new technology for the air transport industry—including wearable technology, iBeacons, Near Field Communications (NFC), Location Based Services, contextual mobile applications and many other initiatives.

Renaud joined SITA in 2005 in the Project Management Office, as Program and Project Director responsible for project management methodologies. Previously he was Director Innovation Management for Valeo, a US$15Bn automotive supplier, where he led a project to revamp innovation and product development processes.  Renaud has also held various roles in new product development, sales, business development, and program and project management at ITT Industries in the USA, and in R&D at Motorola in Switzerland.

Renaud holds a M.Sc from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). He led the SITA Lab team in developing more than eight “world firsts” in technology for the air transport industry. In addition, he and the SITA Lab team won several awards, including the 2011 CAPA Award for Innovation with Malaysia Airlines and the Smart Technology Award from the Wearable Technology Show 2014 for the first Google Glass live trial in the air transport industry with Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Latest blog posts

Is blockchain the key to paperless travel?

Published on  29 September 2016 08:07  by Renaud Irminger

From incorporating blockchain technology, to various future application possibilities, Renaud Irminger, Director of SITA Lab, outlines the vision for the next generation of single token travel.

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Wearables are here to stay

Published on  08 October 2015 08:00  by Renaud Irminger

The upside of wearables is just beginning to be fully known. When combined with other emerging technologies such as biometrics, the promise for advanced passenger use cases is astronomical.

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Gadgets link passenger services to data collection

Published on  10 August 2015 08:06  by Renaud Irminger

Because APIs empower developers to build travel apps that unlock massive amounts of passenger data, they’ll help the ATI create richer passenger experiences, including more personalized offerings and services.

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Apple Watch removes stress from travel

Published on  29 April 2015 02:16  by Renaud Irminger

Check out this video of JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes explaining how SITA's Boarding Pass API on his Apple Watch allows him to speed through the airport with a flick of his wrist.

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From the Flintstones to the Jetsons

Published on  25 November 2014 06:55  by Renaud Irminger

Boarding passes have come a long way. Once upon a time (circa 2005), they were issued by hand at the airport check-in desk. Inventory and seat allocation were handled manually, either handwritten or with stickers.

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Stepping closer to "Tap N' Fly"

Published on  21 November 2013 02:38  by Renaud Irminger

IATA and the NFC Forum released the "NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel" a few weeks ago. It's great to see this unanimous claim about the benefits that a technology such as NFC can bring to all stakeholders in the air transport industry.

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Can mobile wallets add value in travel?

Published on  05 September 2013 02:52  by Renaud Irminger

The use of mobile wallets within our industry is currently a hot topic. I did an Industry Insight Session at the Air Transport IT Summit in June with Shashank Nigam, the CEO of Simpliflying and Thomas Husson from Forrester and it dominated the conversation. 

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