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Senior Product Manager - NDC and New Data Services, SITA
Pierre Guiol

Pierre has a passion for taking the complexity out of products and services for end-users, which he is using to transform and rejuvenate SITA’s End User Computing portfolio with the right balance between automation technology and human services.

Pierre holds a MSc in engineering and graduated from the INSEAD with an MBA in 2011. He has lived and worked in 13 countries leading large IT transformation projects for Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE and Orange. This experience and his entrepreneurial mindset enabled Pierre to co-develop two successful consumer services.

Latest blog posts

NDC for sellers: The other side of the coin

Published on  29 November 2018 12:35  by Pierre Guiol

There’s been a lot of buzz around New Distribution Capability (NDC). Much of that coverage, however, has focused on airlines. So how can travel sellers reap the benefits?

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New Distribution Capability (NDC): How do you solve connectivity challenges?

Published on  21 June 2018 08:00  by Pierre Guiol

Making the decision to embrace NDC wasn't easy, but now you face your next challenge: How are you going to connect your seller partners to your NDC APIs? Do you have enough resources to connect to hundreds of sellers? Here are the top five questions you should consider now.

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Software distribution - the easy way

Published on  15 August 2016 09:30  by Pierre Guiol

How do you keep all of your hardware devices updated when they are spread across so many different airports in so many far-flung countries?

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