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Strategy and Portfolio Director, Border Management & Government Services, SITA AT BORDERS
Peter Sutcliffe

Peter has been working with the government, national security and transport sector for over 20 years. Joining SITA in 2011, Peter has focused on creating innovative products and solutions, and delivering them to airlines, airports and government bodies.

Since 2015 Peter has been leading the product portfolio of SITA’s ‘AT BORDERS’ business globally, responsible for strategy, market and industry engagement, and the creation and continuous improvement of SITA’s Border Management products.

Peter is passionate about delivering optimum safety and security for travelers, tourists, businesses and citizens, through collaboration between governments, ports, carriers and destination service providers. Peter champions practical solutions to provide real benefit now to these stakeholders, ensuring ease of use and facilitation for travelers and citizens.

Peter has previously worked for a number of Lead Systems Integration companies, primarily in the defence domain, before joining SITA. He graduated with a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK.

He is based in SITA’s Royal Pavilion office in Hampshire, UK.

Latest blog posts

Utilizing enhanced data for the EU’s new EES and ETIAS border control systems

Published on  24 March 2020 05:00  by Peter Sutcliffe

We are all used to dealing with countries wanting to protect their borders against external threats, but what about a multinational body? What does this mean for each EU member state?

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Poor data = big border risks

Published on  24 April 2018 09:09  by Peter Sutcliffe

Governments rely on data provided by carriers to perform a risk assessment on all people arriving or departing the country.

Why is the collaboration essential and data quality the key?

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