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Director, Market Insight and Marketing Operations, SITA
Nigel Pickford

Nigel Pickford is Director, Market Insight and Marketing Operations, at SITA where he oversees the Customer Advisory Board, Business Plan co-ordination and aspects of the company’s market research, mainly centered on the Air Transport IT insights stemming from SITA's annual IT Trends surveys.

Initially in Aerospace & Flight Simulation, Nigel joined SITA in 1996 and previously held positions as Marketing Director, and Director, Strategy Development and Market Intelligence. Nigel holds a Master’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering & a diploma in International Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He is based in the UK.

Latest blog posts

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Published on  06 March 2017 03:09  by Nigel Pickford

It’s human curiosity and the need for reassurance which I believe has driven a major technological development in the air transport industry. We now have the power - the Future is Predictable and airlines and airports are investing in it.

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Airlines across the journey – a future snapshot

Published on  21 September 2016 01:23  by Nigel Pickford

Robots, wearables, biometrics and virtual reality are sure to feature in everyday life by the year 2100. How can this technology be adopted successfully by airlines? Do passengers hold the answer?

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From collaboration to shape-shifting – What is our future?

Published on  29 March 2016 09:29  by

What The Future is Connected does do is bring together leading airline and airport CIO and CTO views, combined with the experiences and expectations of 76% of the world’s passengers.

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The next frontier

Published on  20 November 2014 03:21  by

Self-service check-in was unheard of 10 years ago. Today, nearly 4 in 10 passengers use self-service check-in, either online, through a mobile app or at a kiosk.

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Smartphones for all! Is NFC the next wave?

Published on  20 May 2013 06:00  by

As extraordinary as the rise of the mobile phone has been in our everyday lives, the move this has sparked from voice to data for personal communications is, arguably, even more extraordinary.

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