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Senior Manager Product & Strategy, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT
Marek Rakowski

Marek Rakowski is Senior Manager, Product & Strategy – Aircraft Enablement Solutions at SITA, as part of the SITA FOR AIRCRAFT domain of expertise. He has more than 15 years of experience in innovative engineering, management and marketing for world leading aviation and technology companies.

As airlines enter the new era of connected services, Marek’s focus is to define and manage SITA’s Unified Aircraft Communications products and applications, which enhance aircraft connectivity, safety, health and maintenance. He plays in integral role in customer and partner relationships, creating value for airlines, OEMs and MROs, by providing them with predictive and enriched aircraft operations.

He studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at McGill University and is based in Montreal.

Latest blog posts

Aircraft data management for the future

Published on  18 August 2020 05:27  by Marek Rakowski

New generation aircraft produce data like never before. What do these advances mean for airlines and their aviation digital service partners?

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