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Chief Technology Officer, Passenger Solutions
Jim Peters

Jim Peters was appointed to the Senior Leadership Team in March 2012 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SITA.

His responsibilities include evolving the reference system architecture for SITA's products and services, identifying new business segments and developing and managing strategic technology partnerships.

Jim also heads SITA Lab, the company’s strategic research and development arm. Created in 2008, SITA Lab explores new technology and drive innovations for the air transport community working both independently and in partnership with others on pilot projects in the areas of robotics, big data, wearable technology, and many others.

Previously Jim was President and Chief Technology Officer of Datalex, where he was involved in numerous acquisitions and helped take the company public with dual listings on NASDAQ and the Irish Exchange. Prior to this,  he was Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of Web Ventures, a technology firm delivering distribution solutions to the travel industry such as the Internet booking engine 'BookIT!' which became a key product for Datalex after its acquisition of Web Ventures.

Jim has also held a variety of roles in TPF systems development for Amdahl, Amadeus, Thai Airways, KLM, Qantas and Republic Airlines. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame.

Jim is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Latest blog posts

AI: ready for take off at an airport near you

Published on  05 February 2018 04:04  by Jim Peters

SITA’s research reveals that around half of airlines and airports say they’re planning to adopt predictive tools, using AI and cognitive computing, over the coming five to ten years.

We’ll see radical changes in how people get on and off planes and how airlines get their planes in and out of airports.

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Let's face it! Biometric identity is going main stream...

Published on  14 September 2017 04:00  by Jim Peters

With Apple’s new iPhone X facial biometric identity verification system, we will see a lot more people using their face to validate who they are, but what does that mean for security at airports?

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IoT – the ever connecting world around us

Published on  27 October 2016 09:47  by Jim Peters

From “smart homes” to your running shoes pushing data to your mobile, the hyper connected world is fast becoming a reality. SITA’s CTO, Jim Peters, takes a look at the IoT - potential barriers in the industry and the impact it will have on how we collaborate.

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Identity management: A meeting of minds

Published on  09 September 2016 05:34  by Jim Peters

In the space of just a few months the air transport industry and US government have made remarkable progress towards a common vision for identity management of the future.

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Heading to Miami?

Published on  05 June 2015 01:09  by

If you’re going to the IATA AGM next week, you’ll be using Miami International Airport (MIA) – one of the best examples of an airport using technology to improve the airline and passenger experience. SITA is proud to be MIA's partner in many of these developments.

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The next big (scary) thing

Published on  16 December 2014 03:16  by Jim Peters

Predicting the next big thing is always a bit risky and I’ll be the first to say I don’t always get it right, no one ever does. But we have to look ahead and explore possibilities and 2015 is shaping up to be a year full of possibilities.

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And the winner is ...

Published on  10 October 2014 01:55  by

... when in Las Vegas the house always wins. But I'm happy to say that we had other winners at the Future Travel Experience Global event in Vegas just recently.

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Should have used an Apple Watch!

Published on  10 September 2014 01:26  by

Two years ago I predicted that Apple was going to incorporate NFC into its phones to provide user-friendly mobile payments. I think it's fair to say that my prediction was accurate. It just took a bit longer than I expected.

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Internet of Wearable Things?

Published on  17 June 2014 09:36  by

The term "Internet of Things" or the "Internet of Everything" as CISCO calls it, continues to evolve with new technologies such as Google Glass and iBeacons. With Glass, users can access information while keeping their hands free, which would be nice for some staff working in our industry, as they deal with customers, baggage, planes, etc. 

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Is it time for airlines to think big?

Published on  23 May 2013 08:09  by

There has been a lot of shouting about big data and it is clear that there should be something useful in it for our industry given the massive amount of data we generate. (See my previous post on big data).

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