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CIO, Istanbul New Airport Construction
Ersin Inankul

Ersın Inankul is CIO at Istanbul New Airport Construction. He has successfully led multi-million dollar telecom, IT and airport projects and has experience of working on technical requirements in Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia and the Middle East.

The diversity of this experience has enabled Ersin to develop a multidisciplinary background, and has provided a great ability to adapt and benefit from many different and varied challenges. As he is the focal point for the various IT, aviation systems and integration at the airport, Ersin has gained a lot of knowledge about each field, which has complemented his skills portfolio.

He has senior management functional responsibilities in airport project management, IT infrastructural design, special airport systems, risks, budget and IT strategy planning.

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Published on  05 April 2018 02:24  by Ersin Inankul

Istanbul New Airport (İGA) is the largest infrastructure project in Turkey's history. What makes it unique? And from a technology viewpoint, what are the key considerations to ensure you accommodate future growth?

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