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And the winner is ...

Published on  10 October by Jim Peters , Chief Technology Officer, SITA
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... when in Las Vegas the house always wins. But I'm happy to say that we had other winners at the Future Travel Experience Global event in Vegas just recently.

Two great airlines that the SITA Lab team has been lucky to work with were the winners of the 'Best Passenger Assistance Initiative' and the 'Best Mobile Technology Initiative' awards. Virgin Atlantic won its prize for the wearable tech project which we ran with them earlier this year using Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches. And American Airlines won for their work using beacons to improve their passengers' experience by assisting with wayfinding in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Congratulations to both of these pioneering airlines for their work with new technologies.

What struck me about the awards for these projects was that it's not just Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines who are the winners. The work that they have done with us at SITA Lab is of value to the whole air transport industry. Their investment of resources into doing this research with SITA Lab is of benefit to the community as a whole.

Take for example the work with beacons. Our team at SITA Lab was working with this technology investigating how it might be of value to the air transport community but it was only when we got out on the ground testing beacons in live settings that we confirmed that a common-use approach was needed. We developed the SITA Common-Use Beacon Registry which is now being used by airlines and airports around the world to co-ordinate the implementation of this new technology and hardware in a systematic and efficient way. So everyone is a winner.

When airlines and airports collaborate with SITA they are industry pioneers. Together we learn how new technology can be of value to our industry. SITA has been innovating for decades and we continue to do so. Through our research team at SITA Lab we are working together with the community so that everyone - airports, airlines and passengers - can be a winner - even when they go to Vegas!

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