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A world's first in Miami

Published on  30 June by Maurice Jenkins , Director of Information Systems & Telecommunications, Miami International Airport
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We’re very proud of the fact that Miami International Airport is the first in the world to have a complete and open deployment of beacons throughout our facilities.

More importantly, as the largest US gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean, and one of the leading international passenger airports in the world, beacons have allowed us to take the passenger experience to a new level.

For the first time, we have a viable technology that helps us influence people’s behavior in the airport. 

With beacons available to all stakeholders throughout the airport, retailers and other partners can trigger useful content to our passengers and staff wherever they may be – from entrances and check-in all the way to departure gates and everywhere in between, even in valet parking zones. Vital information is available at a glance instead of buried deep inside the apps on people’s smartphones. And, instead of the same app experience everywhere, beacons allow apps to be curated based on people’s real-life experiences in the airport. 

Onsite deployment of our 250 beacons took just two days, and by using the SITA Common-Use Beacon Registry we can easily collaborate with our partners, both domestically and globally, letting them take advantage of this new technology with us. Airlines that fly to Miami, for example, are already working on apps that will provide passengers with extra benefits in the near future. 

Beacons bring the Internet to the real world like no other technology, and I predict airports will continue to lead the way in beacon deployment, not just in the air transport industry but across all venues where way-finding is important: stadiums, concert halls, shopping malls, etc. 

As we move into this exciting future, Miami Airport invites airlines and our other partners to invent new ways to make the passenger experience even better. 

To learn how we’re using beacons in areas other than the passenger experience, don’t miss my column “Miami’s cool beacon use” in the latest issue of the Air Transport IT Review.

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