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2013 Industry Insight Sessions

Published on  19 June by Thomas Knierim , Senior Manager, Market Insight, SITA
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The Air Transport IT Summit kicked off today with four Industry Insight Sessions.

The mobile explosion

The first centered on mobility in the air transport industry (ATI).

Shashank Nigam of SimpliFlying got things rolling with an energizing message that resonated with the audience: airports and airlines should not use social media just for marketing but also for providing multiple revenue opportunities and real-time customer service. Thomas Husson of Forrester Research suggested taking a look outside the ATI to optimize social media, big data and predictive analytics. He added that the pace of innovation in mobile payments is accelerating like never before. Renaud Irminger of SITA presented while demonstrating one of SITA Lab's new demos: wearable computing.

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Harnessing business intelligence and big data

Session Two picked up where Session One left off. Dr. John-Paul Clarke of Georgia Tech showed how predictive analytics can improve airport operations and boost airline revenues by finding high-value customers and understanding their travel patterns. Joshua Marks of masFlight pointed out that big data analysis improves airline efficiencies and can drive more revenue.

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The next-generation passenger

The third session focused on personalization and the next-generation passenger. Michael Kennaugh of United Airlines presented with the authority of 140 million passengers. Aleks Popovich of IATA discussed the NDC initiative, saying that technology is not the issue; providing value to the customer is the issue. Helen Porter of SITA announced a new era of customer sales and service, saying airlines want the customer journey to be reflective of their brand.

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Airline IT Trends Survey

Keeping with tradition, the results of the Airline IT Trends Survey were revealed in the final Industry Insight Session. Nigel Pickford and myself presented the results, focusing on the three key trends revealed in the survey: ancillary sales, mobile services going mainstream and business intelligence. Aidan Brogan, Datalex, opined that the industry needs to change our language when talking to customers and omit the word 'ancillary'. Muhammad Ali Albakri, Saudi Arabian Airlines, said that what's holding back mobile adoption is the payment platform, and said that adoption in the Middle East is very high with each person having on average three mobile devices. Jeny Mustopha, Garuda Indonesia, said it was network infrastructure holding back adoption in Indonesia. Max Kingsley-Jones, Airline Business, wondered if there is risk of obsolescence for the kiosk.

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