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2013 Air Transport IT Summit

Published on  20 June by Thomas Knierim , Senior Manager, Market Insight, SITA
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This year marked the 14th Air Transport IT Summit and was attended by over 350 delegates from 75 countries. Paul Coby, SITA Board Chair, hosted the event and Max Kingsley-Jones, Editor of Airline Business, moderated.

Speaker presentations, videos, photographs, sponsor information and more are available on the Download Center of the event microsite.

The potential of collaboration

The opening session carried the overall theme of this year's event: collaboration. James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Airways, talked about the 10-year-old airline's tremendous growth and called for collaboration among airlines and their service providers to meet future challenges. Air Malta CEO Peter Davies challenged the audience to think about the real-world implications of collaboration - who benefits and who carries the risk. Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir, predicted there will be no flights in 10 year's time that doesn't have free WiFi available. SITA CEO Francesco Violante, who joined the distinguished group onstage for the Q&A, said the 'elephant' in the industry is how collaboration impacts the relationship between airlines and passengers and airports and passengers.

Let's create the ideal journey

Session Two opened with IATA's Aleks Popovich saying that passengers are looking for a simpler travel experience with a single itinerary, single fare, single ticket, through-checking bags, and one-stop shopping. Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann explained how GRU Airport is building an intelligent airport by creating a team from different industries, bringing the best technology into the terminal to show the world they are ready for the World Cup and Olympics. Trevor Didcock, easyJet, wrapped up the session with a presentation on customer communications. easyJet has developed a 1-2-3 process for their passengers, with check-in, baggage and departure as the focus areas.

Let's work in new and better ways

Jim Peters, SITA CTO, donned 'smart glasses' to review his predictions last year on innovative technologies. Tablet penetration is increasing for cabin crew, pilots and management - but the efforts need to be coordinated. Miami Airport's Maurice Jenkins emphasized that the passenger journey starts when the passenger parks their car at the airport. Its essential that the partnership effort goes across all stakeholders and components' of the passengers' journey. This means that it should never be about who owns the data but how to best share it to make the best passenger experience.

SITA Chair Paul Coby closed this year's event by saying that key trends such as big data, retail enablement and business intelligence rely on collaboration among all stakeholders in the ATI.

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