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Ten minutes from curb to duty free shopping

Ten minutes from curb to duty free shopping

Paul Behan, Director, Passenger, IATA, explains how

IATA’s vision for the Fast Travel program for 80% of passengers to be offered a complete suite of self-service options based on industry standards.

So what does that really mean for a passenger?

Based on discussion we’ve had with airlines and airports, we believe that for outbound passengers, 10 minutes from curb side through to duty free is possible. In fact, it’s happening at a number of airports today. So it’s a realistic goal.

For inbound passengers, it is a bit more problematic to aim for a time, particularly at hub airports where just the distance from the gate to the baggage carousel can be extensive and there’s also inbound immigration. Nevertheless, we think 30 minutes is possible and there are some good examples of that today.

Six time-saving options 

Achieving these challenging times is going to depend on strong adoption of the six time-saving self-service options that make up the Fast Travel program. These are check-in, self-tagging of baggage, document check, flight rebooking, self-boarding and bag recovery.

Currently we stand at a penetration rate of 17.5% of eligible passengers, with a target of reaching 27% by the end of this year. There’s going to be a lot of hard work required to meet the 80% goal by 2020 and we’ll all need to pull together, particularly airlines, airports and IT providers, to achieve it.

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