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Passengers at the fingertips of crew


Cabin crew, as the face of the airline brand, need to exploit the mobile, digital world. They must make sure customer service remains as high as possible. And they must ensure that all operational activities are delivered seamlessly and efficiently before, during and after the flight.

SITA’s CrewTablet does two things:

  • It provides cabin crew with a rich source of information about their passengers.
  • It saves time and increases productivity by removing paper-based systems from cabin crew operations.

Paper versus digital

Crew spend their lives dealing with lists of passengers, tasks, and what-ifs. But there’s no depth or context or intelligence behind a paper list.

On the other hand, with CrewTablet to hand, crew can access detailed passenger information contained in the flight manifest, get details of special dietary requirements, frequent flyer status or connections – and keep it personalized.

Crew can quickly access details of weather en-route or at destination, advise on connections, enhance their onboard retail offer, access common airline systems, such as WorldTracer.

For their own management, CrewTablet eliminates paper-based reporting and speeds up completion of essential forms. Crew flight schedules and rosters are to hand, as is bag load status.

In the cloud

CrewTablet capitalizes on SITA’s unique industry cloud capability to provide a single high-speed global service using uninterrupted mobile connectivity.

With reliable mobile connectivity provided by SITA in airports, hangars and crew hotels, onboard cabin crew can access information before take-off. They can then synchronize completed crew forms to the crew server on landing.

CrewTablet can also be used instead of paper to conduct passenger surveys. Survey results and feedback can be derived daily, instead of monthly, giving the opportunity to quickly enhance or change service delivery accordingly.

The service even contributes to fuel savings – by reducing the weight of traditional paper reports and manuals carried onboard. And crews can use aircraft downtime to access digital training and certification courses. 


CrewTablet can be integrated with any airline reservation or departure control system. It’s part of SITA's intelligent airline vision, which incorporates integrated technology, from passenger and aircraft operations to next generation communications and infrastructure to drive better performance.

Etihad Airways

It’s an approach aligned to airline interests worldwide since its introduction as a value-add for crew as part of a major strategic contract between SITA and Etihad Airways.

This demonstrated for the first time the value of the CrewTablet end-to-end mobility solution for cabin crew.

The demand among airlines for CrewTablet continues to be high, with SITA’s mobility team deploying multiple customer projects across the world.

At the same time, SITA is working with the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) to promote the use of CrewTablet among African airlines – work that helped lead to SITA being named by AFRAA as its Aviation IT Service Provider of the Year two years running (2013, 2014).

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