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Delivering self-service entertainment

You read it here first!

Every day, the airline industry loads up 100,000 kilos of newspapers and magazines. That’s 150 million copies, and there’s no certainty about how many will be read.

Depending on the location, they may be yesterday’s news. Short-haul passengers probably don’t even get offered the ‘luxury’.

Media is a small but costly extra that’s an accepted part of the traveling package. It costs fuel. And it costs to supply it, clear it away, and dispose of it. Languages are limited, as is choice. Media Station is an alternative.

Quick access to media for flights

SITA and strategic partner Orange Business Services have joined forces to produce Media Station, a smart solution able to exploit the fact that 70% of passengers now carry tablets or smartphones.

  • Instead of airlines providing paper content such as newspapers and magazines, a self-service entertainment kiosk station can deliver the same content directly to a passenger’s smart device.
  • Kiosks can be placed in airport lounges and at departure gates. They can support the latest wireless technology, so that passengers can download high-definition movies in a few seconds, just before they board their plane.

Ancillary revenue

The catalog of content available is constantly growing. It includes more than 450 newspapers and magazines, more than 200 films, 50 TV series and, of particular interest to many travelers, over 100 city guides, destination video tours and similar items.

The media station also provides a source of potential ancillary revenues:

  • Airlines may choose to provide every passenger with the option of one newspaper free of charge, with additional content available at a fee.
  • Or they may decide only premium content is charged, such as a movie.

Depending on content-type, an airline could get up to 25 % of the end-user fee. It can also generate more revenue by contracting with advertisement providers for integrated spots.

Airports might choose Media Station to increase their own offer to passengers, integrated with the airport’s own information applications.

Trim costs, save time

Media Station is not going to revolutionize the air transport industry. But it does provide an opportunity to trim costs and save operational time. What’s more, it will provide passengers with a better service while enhancing an airline or airport’s own ancillary revenues.

Kiosk work underway

More work is underway to develop other services for kiosks airside, including not just media but also vouchers for promotion or disruption, duty-free shopping, way-finding and much more.

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