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Gates at the border

Miami and Dublin

Fast-track immigration, with ABCGates

As airports begin to embrace self-service immigration control technology, the air transport industry will see greatly accelerated arrivals and departure at the airports. Using the latest technology, SITA’s Automated Border Control gates (ABCGates) enable thousands of passengers a day to clear customs and immigration at any airport.

SITA’s iBorders BorderAutomation ABCGates quickly confirm that the passenger is the passport holder and is authorized to enter the country. They use the up-to-the-minute biometric technology to verify each passenger through a combination of facial recognition and fingerprints.

Reduce wait time, focus on risk

This process enables eligible passengers to use self-service facilities, reducing wait times. At the same time, it allows customs and immigration agents to focus their resources on potential high-risk passengers.

A fine balance

“SITA is at the forefront of pioneering solutions in self-service border technology,” says Dave Bakker, President, SITA Europe. “We’re using the latest biometrics to facilitate fast, accurate and secure passenger processing at the border so that airports and governments can reach the fine balance between providing a warm welcome and ensuring a high level of border security.”

SITA is a world leader in providing border control technology. Around 30 governments globally use SITA’s iBorders systems and capabilities to keep their borders secure and transform their border security operations.

USA drive for passport control kiosks

The directive to introduce passport control kiosks across the US has seen SITA’s self-service border solutions embraced by many of the country’s airports.

SITA’s self-service border control kiosks made their first appearance at Miami International Airport in November 2013, in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, when the airport handles more than 900,000 passengers.

The kiosks partially automated the inspection process for US passport holders and returning Canadian passport holders, reducing wait times by more than a third.

Then, at the beginning of 2014, SITA was first to market with the new Phase III Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks, working with the Greater Orlando Airport Authority to introduce a simpler process for US citizens, Canadians and arriving passengers from 37 visa waiver countries.

Following installation, the airport reported “a dramatic increase in the total number of travelers processed per minute”. See issue 2, 2014, for more.

Irish self-service border gate trial

Since April 2013 the Irish Naturalization & Immigration Service (INIS) has been operating a trial of self-service border control gates at Dublin Airport Terminal 1. This is the first time that e-Gates have been used in Ireland for immigration purposes.

Run in cooperation with the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), the trial is supported in part by SITA who supplied two gates.

The e-Gates are operated and supervised by INIS immigration officers, who have been deployed at the airport as part of the program to transfer passport inspection functions at Dublin Airport from the Irish police service (An Garda Síochána) to civilian personnel.

A major program is being finalized to replace Garda officers with civilian staff at all major airports and ports of entry to the Irish Republic. This will lower the cost of the immigration control service and release Garda officers who currently engage in passport inspection duties for redeployment to core, frontline policing duties.

Data from the e-Gate trial will feed into the business case for a procurement of e-Gates in 2015.

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