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A single data source for all touchpoints

A single data source for all touchpoints

Having a single source of data is key to delivering a consistent service. Allison O’Neill, SITA’s VP Passenger Solutions, explains why

The core passenger systems used by airlines have changed little over the decades, despite huge advances in technology during that time.

The challenge we have is how do you rapidly introduce the new without breaking the old, while leaving room for innovation in the future?

Consumers today are reachable anytime, anywhere by engaging with technology. This is what they’re really accustomed to now because of the web and mobile technology.

That means airlines need a scalable and flexible system that can cope with any type of engagement the customer prefers to use.

New data model

What’s important is to ensure whichever touch point the customer chooses, the airline can make available the same information to both its staff and the customer. It requires having a new data model that can give you a single data source.

This ensures everybody is using the same consistent data set across all of the processes. It also makes it easy to deploy services on a global scale across an airline’s entire route network and across the whole customer journey.

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