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CHAMP cities cargo 'e-(r)evolution' as IT celebrates 10 years

as IT celebrates 10 years

CHAMP Cargosystems has announced a range of new products and portfolio improvements.

The news came at the company’s May Summit, during 10th anniversary celebrations which cited the industry’s ‘continual e-(r)evolution’.

Enhancements to the Cargospot application suite will further align it with eCargo initiatives to digitize the airfreight ‘paper-trail’. Cargospot supports e-Air Waybill (e-AWB), e-Security and e-Customs requirements.

Data quality

Over the next year customers will be offered a new tool to help improve the data quality of e-AWBs and customize rules for error messaging.

Applications will be optimized for mobile solutions, including tablet computers.

New features will be launched to simplify billing and make better use of information held in cargo management and enterprise systems.

There will be further development of CHAMP’s Open Cargo Platform (OCP), as the  foundation for further integration and development of eCargo and Core Cargo applications.

CHAMP also announced recently that it is developing a next generation cargo system tailored to the needs of Cargolux, leveraging the OCP framework.

Airfreight community

CHAMP has launched CargoUpdate, a comprehensive airfreight community platform optimized for smartphones and tablets. Plans are also in hand to extend support for cargo ‘cloud’ communities, including support for the industry’s new message standard, IATA Cargo-XML, which is replacing Cargo-IMP messaging.

Year of eCargo

In response to demands for regulatory compliance, CHAMP has progressively expanded the eCargo suite for customs and security.

New countries are being connected to the Traxon Global Customs (TGC) platform and CHAMP has developed interfaces with customs authorities that use the UN ASYCUDA (Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta) system.

The company is now working on a common interface with these authorities to simplify connectivity for traders.

CHAMP expects 2014 to be a landmark year in the progress of eCargo, especially for security. Advance Air Cargo Screening (ACAS) in the US will become the norm for the industry, with similar pre-loading schemes planned for Canada and the EU over the next two years.

‘Continual e-(r)evolution'

“These are exciting times for the industry as it transforms itself into a truly digitized business,” said James Fernandez, Vice President, Global Commercial Operations, CHAMP Cargosystems.

“We are ready to support customers and lead the industry in dealing with the constant challenges of profitability, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and increasing competition from other modes of transport.

“Conferences such as the CHAMP Summit help accelerate knowledge exchange with our multi-cultural, multi-geographic, multi-lingual clients. They are important in driving this continual e-( r)evolution.”

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