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SITA and Virgin Atlantic win smart technology award

Location: London
27 March 2014

SITA and Virgin Atlantic Airways have received a Smart Technology Award from The Wearables 2014, the leading awards for wearable technology. Part of the 2014 Wearable Technology Show, the award recognized the companies for a pioneering pilot, which tested how Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches could enhance the passenger experience.

Concierges in Virgin's Upper Class Wing were the first in the world to use wearable technology to serve passengers, providing the industry's most high-tech and personalized service yet.

The judging panel commented: "The Virgin Upper Class innovation is a great example of how data from many wearable and mobile devices can make life better for passengers and create a better relationship with the business itself."

(Left to right): Tim Graham, Innovation Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Kevin O'Sullivan, Lead Engineer, SITA Lab, SITA's strategic technology research group, accept the award.


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