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Russian travelers’ love for tech drives self service adoption

Location: Russian travelers’ love for tech drives self service adoption
22 September 2016

Hyper-connected passengers are demanding more mobile self-service technology

Russian airline travelers are among the world’s most frequent users of technology, a trend that will see the use of mobile self-service across the country’s airports virtually double in the next year.

The 2016 SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey, carried out by global IT provider SITA across 14 Russian airports and representing 78% of the country’s passenger traffic, shows that most Russian travelers extensively use technology during their everyday lives, well above the global average. In terms of passengers’ online and mobile usage, Russia scored 7.1 out of 10 compared to the global average of 6,6.

Russian travelers’ affinity for technology is expected to accelerate the adoption of self-service technologies across the country’s airports. This year’s survey showed that the intention among travelers to use self-service is expected to rise 16% over the coming year.  

Mobile self-service in particular will be a major growth area. With 98% of passengers carrying a smartphone, there is a strong desire to use their mobile devices during their journey. The number of travelers who will use mobile to book travel is expected to almost double to 19% in 2017 from 10% this year, while those using a mobile device to check-in will grow from 6% in 2016 to 12% in a year from now.

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe said: “Russian travelers are generally tech-savvy and are increasingly demanding more self-service technology when they travel. This supports an investment by the airline industry into more self-service to help them not only better manage growing passenger numbers but also offer their passengers a more efficient and friction-free travel experience.”

Once travelers have made the leap from a face-to-face transaction to self-service technology, few want to go back. The survey found that 91% of passengers using self-service check-in would rather switch to another technology than return to face-to-face interactions.

As part of its research, SITA also analyzed the behavior of four different types of passengers. The Careful Planner, Pampered, Hyper-Connected and Open-Minded Adventurer profiles each uses technology in different ways. Close to one in five travelers in Russia see themselves as ‘hyper-connected’ – those that value efficiency and use self-service technology more frequently, while “open-minded adventurers” – those travelers eager to try new things and services – accounted for 17% in Russia, higher than the global average. Both travel profiles favor the use self-service technology both at home and in the airport.

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More details of the global results, including information on the emotional scale tool and the technology adoption model, are available here as well as a Russia fact sheet here

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