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Miami International Airport to roll out 44 more SITA kiosks

Location: Atlanta
07 April 2015

Automated passport control kiosks to help speed up customs and immigration process

Miami International Airport continues to introduce technology to improve the passenger experience with the announcement today that the airport has contracted for an additional 44 self-service passport control kiosks. The automated passport control (APC) kiosks will be supplied by SITA, the global provider of border management solutions and air transport IT. Miami International will soon be using a total of 80 APC kiosks to help accelerate the customs and immigration process. 

Miami International Airport (MIA) is a major hub for international traffic – around 50% of its passengers are travelling internationally – and it was one of the first to work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to automate the arrival process. SITA provided the first APC kiosks to the airport back in 2013; they use sophisticated biometric technology to quickly match passengers’ passports with face and fingerprint data, helping to reduce wait times. Following the great success of wait times being reduced by as much as 40 percent for U.S. citizens, the airport is now investing further.

Emilio T. González, Director, Miami International Airport, said: “This investment in more than 40 additional kiosks for MIA demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible arrival for our international travelers. It is one of several investments we are making to improve the overall passenger experience.

“The APC kiosks are a great example of how our work with SITA has allowed us to investigate innovative and smart technology and roll it out quickly when we see the benefits. We determined that SITA's solution out-paced the competition with its design, functionality, ease of maintenance, durability and commitment to security by using the industry's most advanced biometric technology.”

The new kiosks have been approved by CBP for accurate data collection and verification of passenger facial and fingerprint biometrics against passengers’ passports. They can be used to process any passenger from the USA, Canada or any of the 38 visa waiver countries, including U.S. lawful permanent residents or “green card holders.”

Paul Houghton, SITA President, Americas, said: “The use of SITA’s APC kiosks at MIA has been a huge success, and the reduction in wait times has been significant. Our kiosks process passengers in less than two minutes, compared to longer waits for a CBP agent during peak travel periods.   As the global leader in integrated border solutions, SITA provides technology that benefits everyone. Passengers move quickly through the airport; airlines can de-plane passengers quickly for on-time turnarounds, while CBP agents maintain high security levels.”

SITA’s APC kiosks are already in use in MIA’s North and South terminals, and the additional units will be installed in the North, South and Central terminals.

SITA is a world leader in providing border control technology and has developed its border control solutions in close collaboration with border agency partners worldwide, as well as airlines, airports and industry groups. SITA's iBorders® portfolio provides the air transport community with a complete set of capabilities to transform border security and facilitate the travel experience through information, intelligence, optimized interactions with passengers and comprehensive insights to enhance every aspect of border operations.

Around 30 governments globally use SITA’s iBorders® systems and capabilities to keep their borders secure and transform their border security operations. Many international airports in the USA, including JFK New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego and Tampa, have biometric immigration kiosks provided by SITA.

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