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Menzies introduces SITA’s ground handling management at top airports

Location: Edinburgh
26 January 2016

New technology will allow ground handling group to optimize resources across its main hubs

Menzies, the global provider of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services, is to introduce SITA’s ground handling management technology at the busiest airports across its global network of close to 150 stations.

SITA’s AirportResource Manager will help streamline Menzies’ operations and deliver value to its customer airlines by optimizing the deployment of mobile resources through intelligent and real-time decision-making.

The five-year deal follows the successful trial at Oslo Airport in 2015 where the system was deployed in just six weeks. The new systems will be introduced at Gatwick Airport, Copenhagen Airport, London Heathrow, Los Angeles International Airport, Seattle Tacoma International Airport and Macau International Airport followed by additional airports in North America and Australia during 2016.

Steve Rick, SVP Support Services at Menzies said: “Airports are dynamic environments that require highly responsive operations management. With close to 150 airports in 31 countries, it is vital that we have a clear view of our operations at all times as well as the ability to respond to changes as they happen.

“The deployment of the systems not only enables more efficient operations but also benefits our customers and staff through our ability to optimize our operations in response to inevitable off-schedule activities. The system from SITA supports us by providing all the information we need to decide on how best to deploy our resources while enabling our operations teams to respond proactively to changes in our operating environment.”

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe said: “For an operator whose network spans six continents and more than 500 airline customers, each with their own requirements, resource planning and management can be a challenge. SITA’s technology, hosted in the SITA ATI Cloud, eases that challenge by collating all the relevant information and providing real-time decision-making on where mobile equipment and people can be best used, making sure that the needs of each customer is delivered in the most efficient manner.”

Menzies will use SITA’s AirportResource Manager for planning, staff rostering, real-time scheduling and management as well as reporting. The technology also allows employees out in the field to access and update information using mobile devices, providing a real-time picture of their operation at all times. The technology will eventually be introduced to all airports managed by Menzies.

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