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Cochin International Airport selects SITA technology to manage 21% passenger growth

Location: Goa, India
12 October 2015

Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL), India’s fourth largest international airport, has chosen SITA’s common-use passenger and baggage management technology as it manages 21% growth in passenger numbers. SITA’s tech will be used across the airport including in its new international terminal, which is due to open in 2016 and will handle up to 4,000 passengers an hour. CIAL is the first greenfield public-private partnership (PPP) airport in India. It opened a new era in Indian Civil Aviation infrastructure and became the path breaker conceived by bureaucrat V.J. Kurian IAS.

The new terminal will provide the required capacity for the next 10 years of CIAL’s projected growth by harnessing the benefits of technology. SITA’s common-use platform gives passengers the self-service options they want, while making efficient use of the airport infrastructure. SITA is also helping baggage arrive on time in the right place.

A.C.K. Nair, Airport Director of CIAL, said: “As our airport expands, it is essential we are as efficient as possible and that the technology that underlies everything we do is highly reliable and delivers exactly what we need. SITA has done a great job as our partner for several years. The team knows CIAL well and will help us deploy the services for the new terminal quickly and smoothly.”

SITA, the world’s leading specialist in airport IT, is providing CIAL with its Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS), Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) kiosks and Baggage Reconciliation System for end-to-end passenger and baggage management. In total, SITA will provide 130 check-in workstations, 150 boarding pass printers, 150 bag tag printers, and 20 boarding stations. As part of the implementation SITA also provides the underlying infrastructure and network support to ensure smooth operations of the systems.

Maneesh Jaikrishna, SITA Vice President India and Subcontinent, said: “Through our work with hundreds of airports across the world and our industry research we know that passengers are happy using self-service: the majority already use it for check-in. We also know the rate of mishandled bags across the industry is reducing, thanks in part to increasingly sophisticated technology. As Cochin Airport grows, our technology will play an increasingly important role in ensuring its efficient operation. We very much look forward to our continued partnership.”

SITA has a strong relationship with airports throughout India. It provides solutions to 41 of the 43 Indian airports that are earmarked for modernization. The main focus is to help Indian airports become “smarter airports” through the implementation of wide-ranging infrastructure improvements and new solutions for operational efficiency. In particular, SITA works closely with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and 38 of AAI’s airports use SITA’s passenger management technology. SITA also provides its world-class, next-generation Airport Management solution to 10 AAI airports across India.

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