Wearable technology

Wearable technology

SITA is at the forefront of exploring wearable technology for the ATI.

SITA Lab is exploring wearable technology - including Google Glass, smart watches and smart jewelry. We're collaborating with airlines and airports to develop and pilot potential solutions for the air transport industry (ATI).

The recent research within this area has been on the recently launched Apple Watch where we have provided a work-force solution that push regular operational alerts to duty managers and ensure operations run smoothly. The Apple Watch is linked to SITAs Airport Management System (AMS). With the Apple Watch, duty managers may get an alert to say that two planes are arriving simultaneously and have been assigned to the same gate or that there is a delay at a certain gate.

In one of our first use cases, we developed an application that would enable gate agents to automatically and simultaneously scan a boarding pass and passport in less than one second using a pair of wearable smart glasses.

Following were projects with Virgin Atlantic and Copenhagen Airport using Google Glasses. At Virgin Atlantic we equipped airline staff serving passengers on the Upper Class Wing with either Google Glass or a Sony SmartWatch 2. They were both integrated to the purpose-built dispatch app built by SITA and the Virgin Atlantic passenger service system. The aim was to enhance the passenger experience and improve efficiency.

Some of the use cases tested by the CPH Passenger Service team included translation services, photo taking for documentation and communication between duty managers.

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