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IATA Resolution 753 requires that by June 2018 airlines keep track of every item of baggage from departure to arrival. This initiative is key to decreasing the number of mishandled bags, improving passenger satisfaction while reducing the costs for airlines.

As the June 2018 deadline fast approaches, the community of airports, airlines, ground handlers and suppliers will have to work together to meet the resolution’s requirements. With our vast experience in baggage management, SITA is well placed to lead in delivering a relevant solution that can be used around the world by the air transport community.

At SITA we are investigating and developing cost-effective technology that will allow airlines to track bags every step of the way. Our objective is to propose a resolution 753 kit airlines and airports can use according to their specific needs. We will achieve this by leveraging our existing portfolio to make it fully 753 compliant and work with numerous technology companies to explore new solutions.

SITA Lab is looking at smart tags, scanning infrastructure and common back-end systems as well as new bag tracking technologies.

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Track and manage bags from check-in to final destination, comply with Resolution 753

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