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The iTravel API provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to the conventional development of airline customer applications using SITA’s Reservation Web Services (SRWS).

iTravel® is a component of Horizon, the next generation passenger services system for airlines that enables travelers to book, pay, check-in and utilize their frequent flyer accounts by using their mobile devices.

Originally launched in 2009, it was redesigned in 2013 with two main components: 

  1. the iTravel application programming interface (iTravel API)
  2. the user interface including native apps (iOS and Android) and HTML5 web app

The objectives of the redesign were to simplify the user experience in discovering and booking travel, and to assist the traveler with itineraries, check-in, flight updates and boarding passes, in order to ultimately increase transactions.

Using SITA's iTravel mobile app, airlines can implement passenger booking and check-in apps for Android and Apple phones, plus a web app for use on other devices.

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