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Cargo risk assessment demystified!

World Border Security Congress

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The security of Cargo entering and leaving a country plays a vital role in ensuring safe and sustainable international trade. This makes the conflicting requirements of compliance, security, and free-flowing trade hard to balance. Customs and cargo security professionals struggle with this challenge every day, and as such, more and more countries are resorting to technology as an enabler.

Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) systems are being built to gather data associated with commercial shipments crossing a country’s borders, ports, and/or free zones, and identify high risk targets based on complex real-time analytics. Following the analysis and identification of high-risk cargo, cases of interest can be referred to the relevant authority, and the outcome or enforcement action can be then collected via field reporting following an inspection or threat interdiction.

More recently, the concept of Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information system (PLACI) has been developed by Cargo and Aviation Security professionals as an evolution to the ACI regime described above. The development of PLACI was given added impetus by the terrorist incident in October 2010 whereby IEDs were placed on an aircraft concealed in computer printers. This incident led to the establishment of the United States’ ACAS pilot, followed by the European Union’s PRECISE and Canada’s PACT.

In this presentation the audience will learn the following topics:

  • Current Trends in Customs and Security compliance
  • The WCO SAFE framework – instruments & benefits
  • The key elements of an ACI system
  • Background of PLACI and its key principles
  • Best Practices for implementing ACI and PLACI systems
  • Comparison between ACAS vs PACT vs Precise – The three known implementations of PLACI 
  • Possible Integration between Cargo targeting Systems (ACI / PLACI) and Advanced Passenger Information Systems to achieve end to end (horizontal) risk views

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