SITA Innovation Day 2015


Constraint Technologies International (CTI)

Privately owned company HQ based in Melbourne  Australia providing Real Time Situational Awareness Framework for Network Operations, Mobile Passenger Service Solution and Crew Roster, Notification and Swap. Over 25 years experience in Mission Critical Real Time Systems, Optimization and Operational Research

Presenting: Julian Warner is SVP Global Solutions for Constraint Technologies International (CTI).  Julian has over 25 years aviation experience working with major airlines in Europe and Asia in the Crewing and Operations domain.

CTI, Julian Warner presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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WayBlazer is a cognitive travel platform. It is a catalyst for deep connections between travel companies and their customers. By employing IBM Watson cognitive computing technology, WayBlazer listens to your customers and presents considered, personalized recommendations. WayBlazer can integrate with consumer touch-points at every stage of the travel experience: from early research and pre-stay to on-premise and about town.

Presenting: Terry Jones is an author, venture capitalist, innovator and keynote speaker.  He is the founder of, founding Chairman of and current Chairman for Wayblazer, a company designed around innovation and travel.  He has a proven track record of leading companies whose innovations have revolutionized an industry. His book, ON Innovation, has encouraged innovation and cultural change for readers worldwide. 

WayBlazer, Terry Jones presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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SIGFOX is the first and only company providing global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things, fully dedicated to low-throughput communications. SIGFOX is re-inventing connectivity by radically lowering prices and energy consumption for connected devices.

The SIGFOX connectivity solution is based on an antenna & base station infrastructure that is completely independent of existing networks, such as the telecommunications networks. This low-throughput only

Presenting: Stuart Lodge is Executive Vice President for Global Sales & Partnerships at SIGFOX, and a member of the company’s Executive Management Team. Stuart has worked extensively in global consulting, telecoms, IT services and high growth startups.

SigFox, Stuart Lodge presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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IDEO is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires. We help organizations build creative culture and the internal systems required to sustain innovation and launch new ventures.

Presenting: Having joined IDEO in 1998, Steve O’Connor is a design thinking veteran. As a senior thought leader of the London studio, he oversees many of key client relationships and directs a wide range of strategic projects.

Steve’s knowledge of — and personal interest in — mobile and web-based software engineering has led to the development of new digital touch points, propositions and businesses for diverse clientele. As Digital Design Director he has a keen sense for the commercial opportunities created when emerging technologies are linked with customer needs and has spearheaded the use of functional user-experience prototypes as a formative research tool. 



“An electric, intelligent and autonomous shuttle at the service of mobility” Launched in October 2015, the NAVYA ARMA is a 100 % electric and autonomous transport vehicle. This innovating and intelligent driverless shuttle can transport up to 15 passengers and safely drive up to 45 km/h, mostly on private sites.

Entrusted to the best French specialists, its design is the fruit of ten years of research and expertise which allows it to achieve the highest level of autonomy possible: Level 5, making the NAVYA ARMA the first entirely autonomous series vehicle.

The NAVYA ARMA calls upon state of the art technologies, developed to ensure safety, comfort and performance.

Presenting: Christophe Sapet has an excellent knowledge of technology, but he also knows how to convey this to the general public and his enthusiasm for the digital revolution reflects this. Co-founder of INFOGRAMES, France’s first video game company and INFONIE, the first Internet access provider in France, he has been surfing the digital waves since the beginning of the 1980’s providing incentives for the market. NAVYA the company was created in June 2014 as a result of his two passions in life: digital technology and cars. One allows him to master the software portion of the challenges presented and the other enables him to solve the material problems.

NAVYA, Christophe Sapet presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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ShoCard is a digital identity that protects consumer privacy and is as easy to understand and use as showing a driver’s license. It’s optimized for mobile and so secure that a bank can rely on it.

The ShoCard Identity Platform is built on a public blockchain data layer, so as a company we’re not storing any data or keys that could be compromised. All identity data is encrypted and hashed then stored in the blockchain, where it can’t be tampered with.

Presenting: Armin Ebrahimi is a well known industry veteran and has an extensive background in advertising and online services. Most recently, he was CEO of Dynamic Retargeting (formerly Buysight), and AOL company. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering at Yahoo!, with engineering responsibility for Yahoo!’s registration and anti-fraud platform services, as well as premium services including Yahoo! Small Business, large partnerships including AT&T and Verizon, Yahoo! front doors, including My Yahoo! and Yahoo! front page. Armin founded and was CEO of TRIicon Solutions, Inc, acquired by Tandem Computers. Armin has a Ph.D. in Organizational Management from Capella University and B.S. and M.S. from California State University – Chico.  

ShoCard, Armin Ebrahimi presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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Red Line 

Afrotech seeks to pioneer high intensity cargo drone routes in the lower sky in Africa and other emerging economies, thereby improving health and economic outcomes. It defines a Red Line as a cargo drone route for medical and emergency use, often in remote locations. A Blue Line is a commercial cargo drone route, often in and around cities.

Red Line was founded by Afrotech director Jonathan Ledgard and has been lifted by EPFL along similar lines to Solar Impulse. It has been supported by leading research universities, companies, and governments (see below for early contributors). The lead architect on the concept for an affordable Red Line droneport is Lord Norman Foster.

Presenting: Jonathan Ledgard is a leading thinker on advanced technology, politics, and nature in emerging economies. Since 2013, he has been director of a future Africa initiative at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He founded and leads the Redline group out of EPFL which is trying to build the world's first cargo drone route in Africa, with an affordable droneport concept by Lord Norman Foster. Jonathan spent two decades as a foreign correspondent for The Economist. He reported lead stories from over 50 countries and several wars – for the last decade as Africa correspondent. His second novel Submergence was a New York Times Book of 2013 and is being filmed for Hollywood by Wim Wenders.

Red Line, Jonathan Ledgard presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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We All Need Access, but half the world has no way to connect. OneWeb is on a mission to create an affordable global gateway because the most important elements in our lives depend on communication.

  • Education: Knowledge gives people the tools to solve their own problems.
  • Creativity: The free flow of ideas unites people, creates jobs and stimulates economic growth.
  • Relief: In emergency, disaster or humanitarian crisis the ability to communicate saves lives.
  • Equality: Everyone deserves the same advantages. It’s time to even things out.

Presenting: Scott Sprague has over 35 years senior management experience in the satellite and telecommunications sectors. With responsibilities spanning global sales, marketing, operations and customer service, Scott has held senior positions at KPNQwest, Infonet Service Corporation and AT&T, before moving into the satellite sector as Senior Vice President of Global Sales for SES. At SES, Scott was responsible for leading sales teams and growing global revenues across media, enterprise and government verticals around the world.  Scott holds an Executive MBA in International Business from Western International University and a BS degree in Business Administration from Illinois State University.

OneWeb, Scott Sprague presentation 2015 SITA Innovation Day
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Travel Capitalist Ventures

Travel Capitalist invests capital is singularly focused on investing and actively growing travel companies within lucrative travel verticals. 80% private equity and 20% early stage focus. Areas of interest include b2b travel technology companies, mobile travel offerings, wearable travel, first mover advantage in emerging, frontier markets or companies with defensible business areas.

Presenting: Abrar Ahmad is a Partner at Travel Capitalist Ventures, the first travel focused private equity and venture capital firm. Since 2010, he’s lead investments in 6 countries in 5-person travel startups to 300-person $100M a year travel companies.

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