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  • 25 February 2020
    27 February 2020
  • Europe
  • Rome Europe
SITA User Meeting & Airport Steering Committee 2020

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Airports are experiencing record growth in 2020, and this increase in passengers will further result in changes for airlines, airports and ground handlers. Growth must be accommodated to meet demands. For many, airport capacity is constrained today

SITA is pleased to organize the semi-annual SITA User Meeting and Airport Steering Committee Meeting in Rome, Italy on 25-27 February. 

We will discuss topics, such as industry trends, market strategies, technology innovations and operational support for common use airports.  Learn how to leverage and evolve your existing infrastructure and airport/airline operations to meet the growing needs and expectations of passengers. 

All airports, airlines and ground handlers who use the SITA Common-Use platform are invited to attend. The meeting agenda includes very relevant and current information. It will include changes in common use infrastructures, standards adoptions, the integration of passenger self-service and biometrics for the whole passenger journey. The group will also discuss steps to comply with the EU law for the Payment Service Directive Strong Customer Authentication which is effective now and enforceable by December 2020.

The Airport Steering Committee will involve open discussions regarding business items about CLUBs brought by airlines and SITA.  Other matters and new policies are reviewed and potentially votes taken for policy changes that affect CLUBs and airports managed by SITA.   

Meetings are interactive and feedback on the content is encouraged. This is a great opportunity to network with attendees from airlines, airports and ground handlers with various responsibilities. All this needs to be accomplished while addressing a key goal in the industry – improving the passenger experience.

SITA Agenda Highlights

    • SITAs cloud-based platform for common use systems
    • Whole passenger journey, integrating all passenger touchpoints
    • Biometrics for identity management, using SITA Smart PathTM and Border Management
    • Evolving self-service options to optimize passenger processing and flow
    • IATA updates and 2020 industry trends – the impact on airlines and airports
    • Windows 7 to 10 migration status
    • Airport / airlines operations management and improvements

Please contact us with any questions.

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