Passenger Terminal Expo 2015

  • 10 March 2015
    12 March 2015
  • Europe
  • Paris Europe
Passenger Terminal Expo 2015

Join SITA at Stand 2050!

This year's Passenger Terminal EXPO & Conference is packed with new technology and business solutions, with industry peers sharing their experience and expertise.

Join the SITA team at stand 2050 and let us share with you some of our new integrated airport solutions.  Big or small, hub or regional, SITA's airport solutions simplify complexity, drive effective operations to improve the passenger experience and create a more successful business.

We will be demonstrating:

  • Innovations for Smarter Airports: NEW beacon technology and apps in airports around the world, including Miami International Airport.
  • Smart Technology for Seamless Passenger Processing: A fully integrated solution from check-in to arrivals that leverages biometrics.
  • Smart Technology for Efficient Baggage Management: NEW mobile solutions in action for reconciliation from tracking to tracing.
  • Smart Technology for Effective Airport Operations: NEW operational dashboards integrating and visualizing BI analytics.

Technology Insights from SITA and Partners at the Passenger Terminal Expo Conference!

Tuesday10 March

Innovating Border Security in Oman to Support Tourism
Time: 12:30  - 13:00 
Track: Aviation Security, Border Control and Facilitation  
Speakers:  Emad Muhanna Programme Director, Middle East Government and Security, SITA
Lt. Col Abdullah  Al-Kalbani, Project Director Royal Omani Police

Enhancing the Customer Experience: so what is next?
Time: 11:30 to 11:55 
Track:  Customer Service and Passenger Experience
Session Co-chair and speaker: Catherine Mayer, VP, US, SITA

Beacons? Gateway to the Internet of Things (part 1)
Track: Commercial Development, Concessions, Retail & Media'
Time: 17:05 – 17:35
Speaker: Renaud Irminger, Director, SITA Lab

Wednesday 11 March

Beacons? Gateway to the Internet of Things (part 2)
Track: Technology, Systems Integration, IT & ICT'  
Time: 11 March 09:30-09:55
Speakers: Kevin O' Sullivan, Director Emerging Technologies, SITA LAB
Maurice Jenkins, Division Director, Information Systems, Miami International Airport Miami International Airport

Reducing IT system implementation cost and complexity in airport construction
Time: 11:05 – 11:35
Track: Technology, Systems Integration, IT & ICT
Speaker: Daniel De Cruz, Director Business Development, SITA 

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