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How future needs, trends and solutions will shape the way we travel

  • 15 October 2019
    17 October 2019
  • Europe
  • Warsaw, Poland Europe
IATA Global Airport & Passenger Symposium

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SITA is the Platinum Sponsor of this 2nd edition of GAPS (Global Airport and Passenger Symposium). Formerly part of the IATA World Passenger Symposium, GAPS addresses in depth the impact of existing processes in the passenger journey and explores how future needs, trends and solutions will shape the way we travel.

This symposium will bring together airline and airport executives and managers who cover everything from terminal and ramp operations, baggage operations to security screening as well as government and authority representatives, technology and solution providers

The future passenger journey will not be remiss and delegates will have the chance to collectively shape future solutions through panel discussions and innovation sessions and to partake in the development of the future passenger journey storyline.

SITA speakers

  • Peter Drummond, Director Baggage Portfolio, will present during the ‘Baggage: Get your share of 3 billion dollars’ session, focusing on the whole bag journey. Read Peter’s latest blog, “Do tracking points improve baggage delivery?"
  • Nesan Jegasothy, Senior Manager Border Management Portfolio, will present during the ‘Next Generation of Border Control Process’ session, focusing on frictionless, high capacity borders. Read our latest Border Management blog, The advent of 'border automation 2.0'.

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