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  • 29 October 2019
    30 October 2019
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Biometrics Institute Congress

Part of the Biometrics Week, the Biometrics Institute London Congress is the meeting place for the international biometric community to gather annually in London. Providing an independent platform for off-the-record discussion among the institute's multi-stakeholder community. Key themes for 2019 include:

  • Responsible & ethical use – What does this really mean? What kind of world to do we want to live in? How can we influence the direction technology developments are taking? How do we balance security, privacy and convenience?
  • Digital identity  What solutions are there? How do you onboard the customer? What are the vulnerabilities and how can they be mitigated? What certification and assurance for new products is available?
  • Technology innovation and their application – Artificial intelligence and machine learning, mobile biometrics and what is next? What does it offer?
  • Consumer biometrics  How can biometrics contribute to the payment environment and digital transactions? Where else are we going to see biometrics facilitate our daily life? What are the opportunities for health services?
  • Intelligent borders and the travel continuum – Entry/Exit and ETIAS – what are the opportunities and challenges? Intelligent borders – pre-checks, data sharing and watchlists.
  • Secure documents  and how to establish a trusted identity.
  • Biometrics for social enablement – Legal identity for all, financial inclusion and protecting children.
  • Security and integrity – Liveness detection, vulnerability assessments, testing and governance. How can AI improve biometric performance?
  • Research and innovation in biometrics – Present your latest research or recently published paper to the user and vendor community.

In 2018 the congress welcomed 300+ delegates from over 30 countries, helping them to network and share industry knowledge in an off-the-record environment.

For further information, please visit the event website. 

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