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Sharing experience and charting the way forward

  • 01 October 2019
    03 October 2019
  • Europe
  • Frankfurt Europe
Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium 2019

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An invitation only event

The Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium brings together IT and cybersecurity experts from across the air transport industry (ATI). This two-day event presents a rare and timely opportunity for cybersecurity experts to share their experience and chart the way forward for an industry that continues to face significant volumes of cyber threat activities.

The forum is designed to maximize the opportunity to learn, not only from our expert speakers but also from each other, providing opportunities for an open exchange with your peers. The event will include presentations, discussions, and working groups, bringing together practitioners to discuss how we can address cybersecurity. 

With a focus on securing the passenger journey, this symposium will address current cybersecurity challenges and consider the latest threats and technology trends in cybersecurity in the air transport industry.

Our interactive agenda is designed to provide the opportunity to support collaboration and engagement with the audience. We have incorporated the use of roundtables, discussions, panels and audience voting for instant opinion capture.   

The agenda highlights some of the most challenging and pertinent topics that face those working in aviation and information security, including:   

  • Impact of regulation on aviation national infrastructure
  • The evolution of cybersecurity training: cyber-range concept clarification and demonstration 
  • Tackling cybersecurity threats on the passenger journey
  • The zero trust approach to security: Identity and access management in a cloud environment
  • Threat intelligence and the pivotal role it plays in informing security-related activities 
  • EATM-CERT support moving towards cyber-resilience in aviation 
  • The MITRE ATT&CK framework, benefits, and use cases

Who should attend?

Senior Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts or IT/Infrastructure experts with cybersecurity responsibilities working at airports and airlines.

Typical job roles include: 

CISO, Head of Operational Technologies, CIO, Director of Incident Response, Head of Cyber Risk Management, Industrial Control Security Directors, Head of Safety and Security, Cybersecurity Director, Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert, Head of Threat Detection, Head of Operational Risk, Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Manager, ICS Cybersecurity Lead

If you are responsible for cybersecurity for your airline or airport, please contact jackie.heal@sita.aero  for more details about attending.

Guest Speakers

  • Richard J Struse - Chief Strategist Cyber Threat Intelligence, MITRE
  • Alexandre Picard - CyberSecurity Expert, Airbus
  • Paolo Maestripieri - Global Alliances Director, Zscaler 
  • Patrick Mana - Cyber-Security Cell Manager - EATM-CERT Manager, EUROCONTROL
  • Marie-Caroline Laurent - Vice-President Strategic Engagement, Europe, Aviation-ISAC

Sita Speakers

  • Alexandre Izri – Head of Security Services, SITA
  • Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion – Head of Corporate Information Security, SITA
  • Alex Hampson – Senior Product Manager, SITA
  • Stephane Gomez – Information Security Practice Lead, SITA
  • Ahmed Fawzi - Cyber Business Development Manager, SITA
  • Dave Ockwell-Jenner - Senior Manager, Security Threat & Operational Risk Management (STORM), SITA
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