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Airport Show 2015

The 15th edition of Airport Show will continue to serve as a B2B platform for companies to present their airport and aviation-related products and services and will cover seven areas namely Airport Build and Installations, Airfield Construction and Installations, Airport Operations; Airport Security, Airport Technology and IT, Ground Support Equipment and Services, and Air Traffic Management.

SITA is the number one ICT provider to airports around the world and we are dedicated to making them more technologically innovative. Our wide experience means we understand the complexities and pressures of running an airport. Every day, we help airports become more innovative, increase their competitiveness, accelerate their growth, and strengthen the loyalty of their passengers. SITA has the broadest portfolio of airport specific technology solutions which address all operational areas.

Airport Show 2015

Visit SITA booth 7002 and experience SMART TECHNOLOGY for:

  • A Seamless Passenger Journey
  • Efficient Baggage Management
  • Effective Airport Operations
  • Smarter Airports @SITALab

During the two days, we invite you to listen to our speakers :

Global airport leaders' forum

  • Date & Time:  11 May (14:30 -15:45)
  • Panelist: Matthys Serfontein, VP Airports Solution Line, SITA
  • Session 3 – Technology: Facilitating a Smooth Take Off for the Aviation Industry

2015 Innovation podium

  • Date & Time: 10 May (12:30 -13:00)
  • Speaker: Stephane Cheikh, Innovation Manager, SITA Lab
  • Topic: Disruption in the ATI! Which Technology Trends to Watch For?
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