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  • 16 July 2018
    18 July 2018
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  • Atlanta Americas
AAAE - P3 Innovation Solution Summit

4th Annual Airport Innovation ForumThe Forum is a unique event that INSPIRES, ENGAGES, and CONNECTS the brightest minds across airports, airlines, government, and beyond. The Forum brings airport executives together with innovation leaders to gain:

  • Insight into new, emerging solutions affecting airports
  • Inspiration from leading innovators
  • Connections with airport thought leaders

The Airport Innovation Forum allows airports to talk openly with the innovation community, regulators and key stakeholders like airlines to uncover opportunities and overcome challenges in airports. Through interactive discussions, executive roundtables, ideas from outside airports, and inspirational keynotes, attendees gain the connections, insights, and inspiration to reshape their airport.

Monday's P3 Innovation Solution Summit

Sponsored by SITA

From creating a seamless and secure border to protecting against cyber threats, the challenges facing the aviation industry are growing, while resources are not.

Join us for this interactive session to explore how airlines, airports, government partners and other industry stakeholders are applying new approaches to efficiently and effectively mitigate today's most pressing challenges. 

SITA Speakers: 

  • Jim Peters, Chief Technology Officer
  • Sherry Stein, Sr. Manager of Projects & Innovation
  • Sean Farrell, Portfolio Director - Strategy & Partnerships
  • Dan daCosta, Solution Specialist
  • Paul Brough, Sr., Portfolio and Solutions Management

Many other speakers are included. 

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