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  • 05 November 2019
    06 November 2019
  • Europe
  • London, UK Europe
3rd Annual Aviation Cyber Security Summit

This event is fully booked. Registration is closed.

SITA is a Sponsor of this 3rd Annual Aviation Cyber Security Summit. The summit addresses how Global aviation continues to experience regular attacks on several fronts and how the industry is having to face the reality of an expanded threat surface and increased complexity in managing risk and ensuring business continuity.

It is more important than ever for us to gain greater visibility of our vulnerabilities as an industry and to work together towards developing more effective cyber risk management to meet the challenges we face in securing the aviation ecosystem.

The event will bring together cyber security strategists from global Airlines, Airports, ANSPs and the aviation supply chain to work towards reducing financial losses, preventing loss of public confidence and assuring passenger safety through effective cyber security strategy.

SITA speaking Session

  • Alex Hampson, Senior Security Product Manager, will present on the critical national infrastructure regulations which are being introduced worldwide. Cyber threats are the new reality and the challenges are multi-faceted. The objective of the regulations being: To improve the security and resilience of critical services and operations.

SITA Roundtable Session

  • Alex Hampson, Senior Security Product Manager & Ludek Suran, Cybersecurity Lead will host a session based on: Aviation specific SOC management to drive efficiency and improve ROI. The session will be outcome driven to encourage a group discussion: what are the methodologies / strategies to address this issue. Findings and opinions will form the summary at the end for the audience as a take away.

Delegate Job titles include: CISO, OT Security, IT Security, Head of Operational Risk, Cyber Security Director, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Operational Technologies, CIO, Safety Directors, Chief Technology Directors, Head of Avionics, Director of Incident Response, Head of Cyber Risk Management, Head of Safety and Security, Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, Head of Threat Detection

For additional information, please visit the event website.

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