Peter Hammer Managing Director - Strategy & Business Management, Information Technology, United Airlines

Peter will be speaking during the plenary session "Taking the end-to-end view: Airlines."

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Peter joined United in 2005 to define a new global sales strategy for United as head of Worldwide Business Operations.

Prior to United, he worked in Denver, San Francisco, and London during eight years in management consulting with a focus on corporate strategy for large scale telecommunications carriers. He then joined a client, Qwest Communications in corporate strategy leading Qwest to launch wireless services, manage both regulated and unregulated services, redefine the wholesale business model, and manage enterprise investment.

He has held a number of roles at United including corporate strategy, media, marketing, and now technology where he leads the business management office. For the STAR Alliance on behalf of United, Peter has worked for several years with the STAR strategy team.

Peter earned his MBA from the University of Colorado and studied Advanced Management at Harvard Business School. Prior to business school, Peter was also a high school instructor and a series-rated conference language interpreter working in The Hague and Buenos Aires.