Ready for the connected traveler?

The Industry Insight Sessions of the 2015 Air Transport IT Summit were held Wednesday, 17 June.

Session A: Are airlines ready to connect with travelers?

The insight sessions open with the launch of the 2015 Airline IT Trends Survey.

Are airline IT strategies in tune with the wants and needs of tomorrow's passengers?

Armed with the latest analysis from both the Airline IT Trends and Passenger IT Trends, we will explore this question with several industry specialists - each from a different perspective.

Session B: Travelers & technology - it's an emotional journey

Although 81% of air travelers now travel with a smartphone, the uptake on services is often not as rapid as originally predicted.

Emotions are important drivers of traveler behavior and will impact the way they use a particular technology - and every new technology raises new design and deployment considerations.

This session will explore the importance of human factors in technology adoption - and why they cannot be ignored if airlines and airports are to succeed in engaging effectively with the connected traveler.

Session C: Creating a sense of place - airports get personal

Creating a sense of place in the airport and de-stressing passenger processes are significantly influencing airport IT strategies.

The options for digital experiences are broadening. From way-finding and retail to cultural experiences and entertainment, airports are applying IT in new ways to engage with the connected traveler.

This session will explore how airports are seeking to leverage IT to make dwell time less stressful, more enjoyable - and memorable.

Session D: Contextual engagement at 30,000 feet - the new personalized onboard experience?

With entire fleets of connected aircraft now being deployed, airlines have the ability to truly personalize the onboard passenger experience.

Passengers expect to be connected throughout the flight. But realizing the vision of personal service means more than onboard Wi-Fi.

Onboard digital services need to include the cabin and flight crew to reach new heights of passenger satisfaction. And to make a real difference to the passenger experience, this requires attention to detail.

This session will highlight the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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