SITA enhances community value

SITA enhances community value

Six months free access to Horizon eLearning

The Horizon e-Learning curriculum provides highly effective online training for the users of SITA’s Horizon suite of products.

Our online training helps airline staff get fully up-to-speed on how to make best practice use of the Horizon suite. This offer is available to anyone in SITA’s membership community signing an e-Learning contract of 12 months or more after the offer date.

Free two-day workshop on implementing Horizon merchandising effectively

Effective merchandising of ancillary services is one of the keys to airline profitability. SITA’s Horizon portfolio includes a suite of solutions designed to enable airlines to charge fees for services, such as seat assignments, on-board meals and carrying excess baggage.

However, to get the best results from this opportunity the airline has to adapt its customer facing processes from the point of sale right through to service at the airport.

Free Installation charge for IP VPN@Airports connection

Available in over 160 airports in 75 countries where SITA has deployed AirportHub, IP VPN@Airports provides customers with a managed, secured, cost effective and reliable IP connection to their VPN.

We’re waiving the one-time bandwidth installation charge for our membership community when ordering a new connection or bandwidth upgrade for IP VPN@Airports.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) messaging with no annual subscription

This offer makes SITA’s ATC messaging service available to members with no associated annual subscription.

Our messaging service enables airlines to exchange ATC related messages with ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) efficiently, by removing the complexity and cost of connecting to several ANSPs.

Free 2-month trial of BagJourney for members seeking IATA Resolution 753 compliance

BagJourney enables airlines to track bags as required by IATA Resolution 753. Our special offer gives you a free two-month evaluation of BagJourney to qualifying SITA members, with preferential member terms when contracting for on-going service.

Discounted network consulting

SITA provides consultancy that enables airlines to optimize the performance of applications over their networks. This offer gives all members a discount on the cost of related consulting engagements, as long as those engagements are valued at $50,000 or more.

Free access to SITA’s FlightInfo API for three months

SITA’s FlightInfo API (application programming interface) enables rapid development of new applications by providing easy access to structured, accurate flight information for application developers.

Our offer will provide qualifying members with free access to the API for three months, with preferential member terms when contracting for ongoing service.


And for new joiners ...

If you’ve just joined SITA or are thinking of becoming a member, we’ve launched a set of offers that can be used within the first 12 months of your membership.

Free certification of common-use application

Our offer provides a free certification of one application for use on AirportConnect CUTE workstations or CUSS kiosks.  It’s available to airlines placing an order for a relevant certification within their first year as a SITA member.  Some conditions apply.  

Additional discount on network consulting

SITA provides consultancy enabling airlines to optimize the performance of applications over their networks.

On top of the discount available to all members, new members are entitled to an additional discount in the cost of related consulting engagements, with no minimum engagement value.

Free IT Trends Benchmark

Our offer provides new members with a customized benchmark review and analysis of their business against the global results from SITA’s Airline, Airport and Passenger IT Trends Surveys, as appropriate depending on the member’s type of business.

For this offer you’ll need to complete our Airline or Airport IT Trends Survey and for full benchmarking we’ll need access to your survey responses.

See also: Award-winning members.

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SITA Membership

SITA MembershipSITA's membership base includes airlines, airports, airport-based organizations, and air traffic management with 95% of all international destinations and over 13,500 industry sites connected by SITA‘s network.

Through our cooperative structure we provide high-speed network communications to and between members on a not-for-profit basis and drive the IT agenda across the industry. 

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