Cybersecurity from Airbus and SITA

AIRBUS and SITA have launched new Security Operations Center Services specifically for the air transport industry.

This new incident detection service will provide airlines, airports and other industry stakeholders with information about unusual cyber activity that may impact their businesses.

Together the two companies will use their expertise to detect cyber activity relevant to airlines and airports. When requested, the Security Operations Center Services will provide appropriate containment and remedial action ensuring that a company’s digital assets are safe from attack.

This center is the first of a new portfolio of cybersecurity products and services being developed by SITA. 


Secure Journeys group to tackle threats

SITA has announced the formation of the Secure Journeys Working Group to address airport security threats in the US and to work towards creating a secure and efficient passenger experience throughout the airport.

The announcement, made in Atlanta, will see the launch of the Secure Journeys initiative in response to the current security climate and recent attacks on non-secure areas of the airport, including the Brussels airport bombing and Fort Lauderdale airport shooting.

Members of the working group cite these incidents as examples that demonstrate the need to rethink the approach to getting passengers through the airport quickly and safely. 

Value - expertise

The value of Secure Journeys is its ability to bring together leaders, experts and representatives from across the air transport spectrum.  Solutions and recommendations identified by the group will be vital to informing key decision makers.

Brian Cobb, VP of Customer Services, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), said: “Because CVG is a mid-market airport, we have the unique ability to quickly test the effectiveness of emerging technology on security and efficiency.

“As a member of Secure Journeys, we can use our knowledge to help shape recommendations to the TSA and CBP based on real-world experience rather than untested concepts. We look forward to collaborating as a community to ensure the safety and convenience of the traveling public.” 

Border group

Secure Journeys is an evolution and expansion of SITA’s Border Automation User Group which was formed in 2015 to facilitate implementation of the US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Automated Passport Control program. 


Brisbane leads with smart biometrics

Brisbane Airport, in partnership with SITA and Air New Zealand, has launched an Australian first trial of facial recognition technology that is set to transform the future of travel, from check-in to boarding.

The new SITA Smart Path™ technology uses sophisticated biometrics which allows passengers to present their details at a self-service kiosk at check-in. Then, when ready to board, use an automated boarding gate to be verified using face recognition technology to access the aircraft.

It means that once travel documents are linked to the biometric at check-in, the passenger can complete the boarding process without the need to present a boarding pass, a passport or travel documents.


“This trial will allow us to test and refine new technology that we hope will make standard check-in and boarding processes more efficient and secure in the very near future,” says Roel Hellemons, General Manager Strategic Planning and Development, Brisbane Airport Corporation.

“A key benefit of working with SITA is its technology integrates with our existing common-use infrastructure – check-in kiosks and boarding gates.”


New connections for Air Côte d’Ivoire

Airline passengers flying to and from the Ivory Coast can now expect a connected experience, with Air Cote d’Ivoire signing up for inflight passenger connectivity services from SITAONAIR.

The new deal will deliver connectivity solutions to the airline’s brand new A320s, including the Internet ONAIR and Mobile ONAIR products.

 (pictured left) said: “As the Ivory Coast’s national airline, we are very much at the frontline of passenger demand as they take shape. Passengers are telling us they want access to internet connectivity from ground-to-air, to enable them to sustain their online lives, wherever they fly.

“With SITAONAIR’s trusted expertise and industry standing, and with Internet ONAIR and Mobile ONAIR on board, we will be able to give our passengers what they want,” says René DECUREY, CEO, Air Côte d’Ivoire.


SITA invests in LocusLabs

SITA has completed a strategic investment in dynamic mapping company LocusLabs. The investment supports SITA’s continued focus on developing and delivering common-use geo-location technology which allows passengers to identify services using location.

The solution, which merges mapping with a wide range of location data, allows airports and airlines to use the same dynamic maps and data but tailor them to their own requirements.

This additional funding will help LocusLabs further enhance its mapping capabilities, which is already in use at several major international airports as well as by airlines.

Fast track

“SITA has a clear focus to fast track innovation on behalf of the air transport industry and provide new technology that makes air travel easier at every step,” says Jim Peters, SITA’s CTO.

“These investments complement our own R&D at SITA Lab, by investing in complementary technologies that add value to our overall portfolio.

“LocusLabs is a perfect example – its geo-location capability adds real value to SITA’s cutting-edge airport app and opens new possibilities to enhance the passenger experience using location.”

New frontier

“Future smart buildings and augmented reality applications are the new frontier for maps and with the support of SITA, both as an investor as well as a technology specialist in the air transport industry, LocusLabs can bring these technologies to fruition,” says LocusLabs CEO and Co-Founder, Campbell Kennedy.


Faster immigration for Bologna

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is to speed up the immigration process for passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport with the introduction of new self-service immigration control technology from SITA.

Using world-leading facial recognition technology to confirm that the passenger is the passport holder, SITA's iBorders® BorderAutomation automated border control gates (ABCGates) will provide passengers with a smooth “walk-through” experience.

20 seconds

The ABCGates confirm that the passenger has an authentic, valid passport and is authorized to enter the country while fingerprint verification is also provided to further enhance security when required.

With an average processing time of under 20 seconds, this process enables eligible passengers to use self-service facilities to reduce wait times and optimize passenger flow through the airport. The ABCGates allows more than 10,000 passengers a day to clear immigration at the airport using this latest technology.

According to Aeroporto di Bologna’s CEO Nazareno Ventola the ABCGates help the airport meet passengers’ rising expectations of self-service “while ensuring we can accommodate an increasing number of travelers, particularly during peak arrival periods.”


Prestigious accolade for Drop&Fly

iF Design Award 2017 for Drop&FlyDrop&Fly, SITA’s bag-drop unit, has been awarded the prestigious 2017 iF Design Award: Public Product, in recognition of its state-of-the-art design and intuitive user interface.

Drop&Fly provides passengers with an easy-to-use interface which makes checking in bags a convenient and pleasant experience.

Its one-step self-bag drop process, which allows passengers to print their tags and check in their bags at the same time, delivers a fast, customer-centric passenger experience.

It is fully customizable to the individual needs of the airport and its hybrid functionality enables a switch from self-service to an agent-assisted mode in a matter of seconds.

The iF Design Award, recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world, confirms SITA’s expertise in matching form and function.


Aeromexico to grow routes

Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, selected SITA to provide network connectivity across more than 50 international locations.

This will ensure Aeromexico has full access to its IT applications for back and front-office activities, including check-in and departure control, as the airline expands its routes across the world.

The agreement includes SITA CorporateConnect services at 50 locations to transport mission-critical business internet traffic for Aeromexico’s daily operations.

This connects the airline’s hubs and main sites to virtual private networks providing bandwidth at the highest availability (up to 99.95%).


In addition, 25 locations will have SITA CorporateConnect@Airports which will allow all of Aeromexico’s offices and devices at these airports to securely and cost effectively connect to its VPN via the airport LAN and AirportHub™, SITA’s shared infrastructure.

 “It is vital that Aeromexico has a world-class communications infrastructure that provides high availability service and access to our IT systems anywhere we operate.

“This ensures we can deliver a better travel experience to our passengers and minimizes any disruptions in our connected world,” says Aeromexico’s CIO Benjamín Hernández.

“We were looking for the combination of a strong partner with an international footprint at airports, technical expertise and service quality.

“SITA delivers on all these counts and will now work together with us as we grow Aeromexico internationally.”


A gateway for Prague Airport

The Czech Republic’s air navigation service provider has appointed SITAONAIR to deliver a ‘communication gateway’ to its capital’s airport.

SITAONAIR will support air-to-ground data link applications to the airport through its Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) network.

The ambition is to extend this capability out to other Czech airports in the future.

“SITAONAIR was an easy choice for us to deliver what will be a very important enhancement to our ground-to-air data link communications capabilities,” says Ivo Priplata, ATM/CNS expert, COM domain of Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, ANS CR.

“Nearly 800,000 aircraft movements in Czech airspace, including some 200,000 arrivals and departures, were handled by us in 2015 alone.

“The addition of SITAONAIR’s data link communications infrastructure will therefore be a very important evolution in reinforcing the flows of efficient, reliable and safe communications in Czech airspace.”


Champ wins excellence award

CHAMP Cargosystems has won the STAT Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo, in the category of ‘International IT Systems Provider of the Year in Africa’.

The award was presented in February 2017 in Johannesburg during the biennial air freight industry trade conference, Air Cargo Africa.

Industry partner

CHAMP is a committed member of the African Airlines Association and has been formally endorsed as the IT Industry Partner of the newly created AFRAA Cargo Task Force (CTF).

This allows CHAMP to be represented at all CTF sessions and to be part of shaping the future of the African air cargo community.