Tailoring the trip – Ashraf Ayoub, CIO Royal Jordanian

Tailoring the trip – Ashraf Ayoub, CIO Royal Jordanian

It’s important to take a holistic view of the traveler value chain, covering the whole customer journey and not just parts of it.

Ashraf Ayoub, Chief Information Officer, Royal Jordanian Airlines

Ashraf AyoubEstablished in 1963, Royal Jordanian Airlines is now Jordan’s national carrier and one of the elite members of a global alliance with a fleet comprising of more than 25 aircraft and a destination network of 54 global stops.

Our continued growth in resources and destinations is one objective. But another main focus for Royal Jordanian is to inspire our passengers and deliver value from the data collected across the whole customer journey.


Using this data is critical to our ability to tailor the trips of passengers. In fact, we regard our focus on personalization as being a business imperative and not and just a nice to have.

I believe this needs to be the case for the whole industry. Data collected across the journey enables airlines to create a tailored digital environment for their travelers.

At Royal Jordanian, we're addressing the whole connected community of stakeholders who make the trip happen, taking into consideration all the data that can be collected from that community.

Holistic view

It’s important to take a holistic view of the traveler value chain, covering the whole customer journey and not just parts of it.

Royal Jordanian is embarking on a transformation project with five main programs that will cover the whole value chain of our travelers.

This involves empowering our employees, inspiring our travelers, consolidating all collected data, improving process flows across the whole traveler journey, and preparing for the future.

We’re building a new platform to encourage technological innovations and entrepreneurship, to attract budding entrepreneurs and explore new concepts that can be used in bettering the traveler’s journey.


One driver for enhancing the experience of passengers at the airport has been the growth of airports in the Middle East.

The challenges include ensuring harmonious collaboration and communication between all stakeholders who contribute to the passenger experience; as well as delivering region-specific mobile applications, for check-in, for example.

Today’s value chain of the traveler journey, and our travelers’ behaviors, are changing. Travelers are part of a connected community of stakeholders that shares interests, experiences, options and purchases. For the airline, it’s all about how to cater for and cope with this connected community and cater for the travelers’ rapidly emerging expectations.

Royal Jordanian objective is work with stakeholders to create a seamless and tailored travel experience for our passengers. It requires major investment – not only in how data is collected, but also in how the data is transformed into useful information.

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