SITA improves its arsenal in battle against cyber threats

SITA improves its arsenal in battle against cyber threats

Q2 2018
 SITA improves its arsenal in battle against cyber threats

Through the Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC), SITA continues to deliver new services that help our members stay ahead of potential attacks

The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC) earlier this year began making a new automated threat intelligence feeds available to SITA members. These feeds are a new service that provides valuable information that helps both airlines and airports identify potential threats to their systems, allowing them to trigger a timely response when needed.

“The feeds, providing indicators or compromise (IOC), are just one of the benefits we offer our SITA members through the Community Cyber Threat Center,” says Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion, Head of Corporate Information Security Office at SITA.

Members also have access to customized alerts that directly impacts their businesses, threat intelligence advisories, a directory of fellow members, regular meetings where cyber experts can share best practice and a weekly news digest summing up the key stories and latest cyber activity impacting our industry. Since becoming operational the center, has shared 114 alerts and 28 threat intelligence advisories with its 26 active members which includes airlines, airports and other service providers.

“Through the center we can bring the air transport industry together to address cyber threats, a common challenge that may already be affecting some of us and likely to impact others in the near future. By working together we can achieve more through collaboration and be better prepared to respond to the challenge placed upon us,” says Maulion.

The Community Cyber Threat Center was launched in 2017, following a collaborative design and development process, with the aim fostering collaboration, facilitating direct engagement among its members and a community-wide exchange of cyber threat intelligence via its sharing platform. In so doing members receive actionable information to help defend against the threats impacting the industry.

“The sharing of information on cyber threats, vulnerabilities and impacts, is now widely accepted as pivotal to the effective management of cyber risks. We continue to look at new ways to support our community and welcome any new members who would like to participate in and contribute to the center,” says Maulion.

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