The power of data…released

The power of data…released

The power of data…released

The beauty of having simple application programming interface (API) access to a wealth of data is that this data can be reused over and over again across multiple applications and customer touch points.

Connected bags

Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the diverse utilization of the BagJourney and WorldTracer APIs that put baggage management and tracking firmly back into the hands of the passenger from the start of their trip to their arrival at their destination.

Here’s the potential scenario:

Self printed bag tag

Think how much time you’d save at the airport if, when you checked in on your PC or smartphone at home, your bag tag was immediately emailed for you to print and place on your bag.

Self bag drop

On departure, a quick stop off at the self-service bag drop area in the airport would be all that’s needed. Here your bag tag is scanned and a receipt sent to the Passbook or electronic wallet on your iPhone or other smartphone.

So now, wherever your bag goes from here, you could check it along its journey. You can get updates as your bag makes its way through the baggage handling halls and is loaded and unloaded on and off the aircraft.

In the air

Even during your flight, if curiosity gets the better of you, you can check the status of your bag on your airline app or on the in-flight portal of the aircraft’s Wi-Fi, if available. And if it isn’t, then an obliging crew member can check the status for you on their SITA CrewTablet app.

Destination airport

If the unthinkable happens, and your bag is delayed or lost, then immediate steps can be taken to locate it. You can immediately file a lost or delayed bag report via your airline app, or inflight portal or the CrewTablet app to set the wheels in motion to recover the bag.

A final update on your smartphone on arrival should tell you at which carousel to collect your bag or, if delayed or lost, a message telling you when and where your bag will be delivered.

And if you’re not the road warrior or mobile gadget type, then flight crews, agents, and ground handlers will have all the same necessary information at their fingertips on the airport floor and in the aircraft.

They’ll be able to deal efficiently with your baggage queries or delayed or lost baggage recovery situations. So no wasted time in queues

Exploiting valuable data with simple API request and response mechanisms isn’t a new concept. But it’s one that’s being promoted more widely for the air transport industry via SITA’s API portal.

The power and flexibility of SITA’s mobile baggage tracking capabilities is a consummate example of the diverse, innovative and secure exploitation of the widest source of airline and passenger data that is abstracted from its complex business processing and is simply retrieved.

To echo one of the principles of ‘From flight status to beacons and baggage, with all the data and APIs at your fingertips … the innovation is up to you.’

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