News in brief

News in brief

Q3 2019

The next SITA Council Awards

SITA Council AwardsOn the back of the success of the SITA Council Awards in 2018, a new set of awards was launched on May 16th. Once again SITA teams throughout the world have been invited to submit a number of customer projects.

The project will be evaluated for their contribution to innovation and customer service (‘Stepping up for the Customer’). Over 50 submissions were received last year, with a similar response anticipated this year. 

The evolution of digital twins

Digital twinsSITA is continuing to co-innovate around digital twins, building a detailed digital replica of an airport environment, including landside, airside and airfield operations. This is being used in airport control center environments, enabling improved decision-making, prediction and control.

Research continues at La Guardia Gateway Partners to create a digital twin airport operations center, using an immersive 3D interface with a conversational user interface to create a total airport management view of airport operations.

The digital twin was subsequently also deployed in London Heathrow Airport to visualize inbound aircraft and estimate the flow of passengers into immigration.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning for baggage

SITA is working with several airports to capture bag carousel video data to generate Computer Vision and bag recognition Machine Learning models. These will be used to learn about the capabilities and limits of using Computer Vision for bag-biometrics and bag matching.

Aviation Blockchain Sandbox – growing interest

SITA’s Aviation Blockchain Sandbox continues to gain more users and industry interest. Recently, a group of major Chinese airlines and airports joined FlightChain and are contributing flight operations data to the network.

Separately, SITA is working with a Euro-based group comprising ground handler Swissport, an airline, an airport and air traffic control. The initiative will evaluate how to utilize blockchain to improve collaboration and data sharing between various aviation stakeholders. See ‘Swissport - unlocking data insights to make air travel easier’ on page 13.

Cybersecurity Center and upcoming Symposium

The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC) now has 29 active members. Run for cybersecurity professionals throughout SITA member organizations, the center continues to support a community-wide response by promoting the proactive and timely exchange of contextualized, actionable cyber threat information between participants.

The fourth Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium will be hosted for SITA members and customers in Frankfurt 2-3 October 2019. The two-day event presents a rare opportunity for cybersecurity experts to share their experience and chart the way forward for an industry which is facing unprecedented growth in the number of cyber threats. See also: ‘We must collaborate to tackle the aviation cyber-threat.’

Evolution of AirportHub™ shared platform

So far during 2019, SITA has deployed 13 additional AirportHub™ sites, bringing global footprint to around 510. This is SITA’s airport-wide shared digital platform for airlines, ground handlers and maintenance companies at the airport.

SITA is continuing to prepare the AirportHub™ Next Generation platform leveraging SDWAN technology to provide new features. Four AirportHub™ sites with SDWAN capabilities have been successfully deployed at US and European airports.

Providing insights into air transport IT

So far in 2019 SITA has published research on 'Passenger IT Insights' and 'SITA Baggage IT Insights'.

Passengers happier when technology smooths their way

The 2019 Passenger IT Insights research explores how technology is contributing to a smoother passenger experience at every step of the journey. It addresses passenger technology adoption, satisfaction rates and service consumption across the stages of the journey

Do tracking points improve bag delivery?

The 2019 SITA Baggage IT Insights report explores how baggage handling is performing in the air transport industry to improve further passenger satisfaction. It addresses baggage mishandling rates and tracking achievements, with use cases and feedback from industry bodies.

SITA-ATW Baggage Webinar 2019

Discussing the findings and whether more bag tracking helps is our recent SITA-ATW Baggage Webinar.

Next survey

We continue to provide SITA members with insights into the air transport community’s technology plans and trends, with the next survey – Air Transport IT Insights 2019 – due out in November at the SITA Europe IT Summit.

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