More airlines take FlightTracker on board

More airlines take FlightTracker on board

Q4 2018
More airlines take FlightTracker on board

AIRCOM® FlightTracker enables airlines to adopt flight tracking without the need to add further equipment and avionics on board their aircraft.

A growing number of airlines are taking on board SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM® FlightTracker, which currently operates on more than 375,000 flights a month, and rising.

Developed as part of SITA’s community remit, the solution came in response to the disappearance of Flight MH370 to meet the urgent tracking requirements of SITA members and the wider industry.

SITA member Malaysia Airlines announced it would be the first carrier to implement global flight tracking with SITAONAIR, in 2015. Since then, airline take up has gathered momentum.

Among the 100-plus airlines using AIRCOM® FlightTracker today are Avianca Brasil, Azul, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Singapore Airlines and Vistara, with many more preparing to adopt the solution.

‘Community solution’

AIRCOM FlightTrackerThe catalyst for taking on board flight tracking capability was the ICAO Special Meeting on Global Flight Tracking of Aircraft held in 2014. That meeting encouraged airlines to use existing equipment and procedures as much as possible to support flight tracking.

It provided the rationale for developing SITAONAIR’s community solution, centered on exploiting existing data flows already available from the vast majority of aircraft.

“It means AIRCOM® FlightTracker enables airlines to adopt flight tracking without the need to add further equipment and avionics on board their aircraft, and without having to incur significant costs,” says SITAONAIR’s Dominique El Bez, VP Product and Strategy.

ICAO recommendations

ICAO recommendations, which became official on 8th November 2018, call for airlines to report flight positions every 15 minutes. They aim to improve safety, detection of aircraft in distress, and efficient and effective search and rescue.

Leading the way

SITAONAIR has led the way in preparing the community for this major milestone in aviation safety, committing to providing members with the best capability to meet ICAO’s recommendations. AIRCOM® FlightTracker, with space-based ADS-B included, offers 100% global flight tracking with position updates of up to once-a-minute.

“We urge SITA member airlines to speak to us now,” says El Bez. “We are eager to explain to them how our cutting-edge AIRCOM® FlightTracker can enable them to deliver greater flight precision, awareness and reinforced safety, today.”

Major advance

Because it delivers flight precision, enhanced awareness and reinforced safety, FlightTracker enables airlines to unlock greater operational effectiveness in an increasingly congested airspace, to minimize costs and support passenger satisfaction.

“Our AIRCOM® FlightTracker provides the cost-effective, multi-fleet, multi-data solution, for airlines all over the world,” adds El Bez. “With the inclusion of Aireon space-based ADS-B, it enables airlines to exceed the recommended standards and practices, automatically alerting users if an aircraft ceases to broadcast its position.”

As the first and only space-based ADS-B network, Aireon’s coverage represents a major advance in flight tracking abilities for the entire aviation industry. Go to for more.

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